‘Person of Interest’ Identified in Las Vegas Shooting Case

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The man who was listed as a “person of interest” in the Las Vegas shooting case has been identified as Douglas Haig, 55, who is from Arizona. He sold 720 rounds of ammunition to Stephen Paddock, although he claims to have had no connection to the actual massacre. He was charged by authorities with Conspiracy and Manufacturing Armor Piercing Ammunition without a license, according to court documents.


The documents say that Mr. Haig’s fingerprints were found on the armor piercing ammunition found in Paddock’s hotel room at the Mandalay Bay., and his name was on a box of ammunition.

Haig met Paddock at a gun show.

Fox News reported,

During a Friday news conference, Haig, who works as an aerospace engineer and has sold ammunition as a hobby for the last 25 years, said he didn’t notice anything suspicious when he sold Paddock the bullets. Haig reportedly met Paddock at a gun show in Phoenix weeks before the shooting occurred.

Haig said he ultimately sold Paddock 720 rounds of ammunition.

“I had no contribution to what Paddock did,” Haig said. “I had no way to see into his mind.”

When Haig didn’t have the total amount of tracer ammunition Paddock was interested in, the pair reportedly set up a sale a few days later at the dealer’s home. The load of bullets was packed into a box, which contained Haig’s name and address on it. The box was later found in the hotel room which investigators searched after the deadly shooting.

Haig said he was shocked and sickened when a federal agent informed him of the massacre 11 hours after it unfolded.

Haig did not have a license to manufacture armor percing ammunition.

Haig’s identity was ‘accidentally’ revealed after someone failed to redact his name in the court documents. Though he held a press conference in an attempt to “protect his reputation,” he has closed his reloading business.  He stated that he has had death threats and unwanted attention after his name was released, though he does not plan to initiate a lawsuit over the revealing of his name.


Featured photo: Screenshot of press conference

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