Pepe and the Deplorables

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Over the past couple of days every liberal site and their media in general have gone nuts about a “racist evil” cartoon character (Pepe the frog) that is bound to resurrect Hitler, destroy the environment, bring about the end of the world and all of these while killing baby seals just for the fun of it.

So who is that Pepe guy anyway? Pepe is a cartoon character that appears in a variety of memes. From the beginning of this race, first for the nomination and then the presidency, Pepe has been associated with Trump.

Lately Pepe tends to be in most of the memes that are popular among the “Alt Right.” That, according to the coalition of delusional idiots that support Hillary, makes him a ‘white supremacist’ symbol.

Ok great argument, and what about the fact that Pepe is Mexican? Why is a Mexican is the face of white supremacy? Yup that’s right, also he is the face of Illuminati and whatever you make him be. He is a fictional cartoon character, but of course liberals don’t get that.

So of course when an image depicting ‘THE DEPLORABLES’ became viral and was reposted by many within D.J. Trumps campaign, including his son, the SJWs went batshit crazy.
There was even an article/directive towards the delusional idiots in the Hillary Clinton website. In that article the author (whom I’m sure suffers from some sort of a personality disorder, as all SJWs do) also makes a reference to the other persons depicted in that image.

Especially to Alex Jones and Milo Yiannopoulos. Alex Jones has that magic gift of making liberals start having seizures just by mentioning his name. Milo, on the other hand, has caused so much controversy that his picture is probably used for target practice as a form of therapy in liberal ‘safe spaces.’

Regarding Milo, the author mentions that he was banned from twitter due to his racist comments. His only crime was that he compared Leslie Jones to a ‘dude’ and made a critique on the new ‘politically correct’ version of Ghostbusters.
milo-leslie-screen-shot-2016-07-20-at-06-18-27Maybe it’s only me but just the fact that liberals freak out and start having seizures or panic attacks when confronted with these images makes me wanna use them more and more. It’s not like their mental health could deteriorate, I mean they already vote for Hillary how worse could it get?pepe-maga1

So start bombarding them with pepe memes, my fellow deplorables, and when they start going crazy just respond to them with the magic phrase: “I don’t care about your feelings.”

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