Pennsylvania Democrats Introduce HB 0768 – Gun Registration Act

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Every time that Democrats tell you they “don’t want to take your guns” you need to call them out on it. Ammoland reported that Pennsylvania Democrats have introduced HB 0768, the Gun Registration Act, which would create a gun registry within the state. ALL guns – except antique firearms – must be registered, and it gets nasty from there. It was introduced on Friday by three Democrats: Mary Louise Isaacson (D), Angel Cruz (D), and Mary Jo Daley (D) and referred to the Judiciary Committee.

Every firearm owned by a resident of Pennsylvania must be registered. Each registration certificate costs $10 PER firearm. In order to obtain said certification, the applicant has to swear under oath and provide: name, home address, business address, telephone number, date of birth, social security number (isn’t that illegal to ask for? just sayin’), age, sex, citizenship, name of the manufacturer of each gun, serial number, caliber or gauge, model, type, two photos taken with in 30 days,- passport size full face head and shoulders.

As if that wasn’t enough, the applicant must also be fingerprinted by the Pennsylvania State Police, and background checked even though they had that when they bought the weapons in the first place. No applicant can be granted a registration certificate without that background check. The PA state police has 30 days to deny or approve the application (administratively that’s going to be an issue).

The certifications must be renewed ANNUALLY. Which means that every danged year the gun owners will have to do it all over again. And they have to do it no less than 60 days before the certificate expires.

Ammoland reported:

If the State Police rejects the person’s application, then they will have ten days to appeal the decision. The owner must turn their firearms into the State Police within three days of receiving notification of the rejection. If a person does not appeal the decision within ten days, their right is forfeit.

A gun owner cannot transfer any unregistered firearm. Anyone caught with an unregistered gun is guilty of a crime even if they are unaware of the firearm registration status. Also just holding an unregistered firearm at a range is a crime.

The gun owner must keep all firearms unloaded and disassembled or bound by a trigger lock. If a firearms owner doesn’t secure their firearm that way, they would be guilty of a crime. This rule even applies to homes with no children.

The gun owner has 48 hours to update the State Police if they change jobs, phone numbers, addresses, or anything else on the application. If they do not update the State Police, then they could be prosecuted for violating the law.

Will the legal gun owners of Pennsylvania comply with this blatant attempt to make their lives hell? Criminals won’t comply. Criminals will continue to do what they do. The bill makes no mention of how it will be enforced- and going door to door would be extremely hazardous for any law enforcement personnel.

But Democrats don’t want your guns, right? This is just one reason why the NRA stands against gun registries. If you live in Pennsylvania, call your representatives – your gun rights are in jeopardy.

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  • Don franklin

    Screw em all! !!!!!!!!!

    • DC

      I WILL NOT COMPLY! If this goes into effect, I’ll pack up myself and family and move. Simple as that. So tired of all these pompous politically correct,easily offended cry babies trying to take away everything this country was built on. Grow a set and man the f’ck up!

  • Scott foor

    WTF I don’t understand people in Pennsylvania think they need to be told what to do Why in the hell do the democrats Keep thinking They need to tell us what to do. It’s already a nightmare to get your car inspected. Hey They raise my fucken taxes anytime they want to. For the cities I don’t even give a shit about.

  • Joseph B Furgeson

    We need to make something clear to Democrats and all Politicians. You are NOT GOING TO TAKE OUR GUNS! You can pass all the laws you want to. Federal, State, Local, It makes no difference. The 2nd Amendment is part of the 10 Bill of Rights, Which is guaranteed by the Constitution in perpetuity. This means you cannot touch it. You are the people breaking the law. Not Gun Owners. Any attempt to confiscate, force registration, or what ever you can dream up, will be met with resistance.

    • Norman

      I agree

      • Norman Kirkman Jr

        I agree that they can’t take you guns because the Constitution says they can’t disarm the people of the United States and I will fight to keep mine. Democrats are ruining this great country and the American way of life and they have to be stopped at all cost. This is really getting out of control and if they are not going to impose stronger laws on the criminals that use a gun to kill people in a crime the don’t try and take mine so I can protect my family that Democrats have given more rights to than law abiding citizens.

  • James

    I am a registered Democrat in Pa, and this is the reason I will never vote Democrat again,

  • unhappy

    If you think that I am going to pay the state $35.00 a year to register my guns you can CMA. I hide them all and good luck finding them. I already pay out the ass to live in this shithole state. Taxes and every thing else just keeps going up and I am getting fed up with it. Pa. seems to be a money grab state and nothing is being done for my tax dollars. Vehicle registration just went up again and we have some of the worst roads in the country. Schools are in horrible condition and city and county services are piss poor.

  • Alonzo Morton

    I think that since the government is suppose to work for the people we the people need to get a government that is going to work for us. I think on Election Day we need to find the people to put into office that are going to work for us the people and vote them in. And don’t just go by what they say, let’s get some groups together and investigate these people running for office if they are good, spread the good. If bad let everyone know. We the people are the reason for the problems, we’re not doing our part and they rely on us not doing our part so they can get in and mess us over. The only way to stop the mess is to stop being lazy letting the messy ones into office. I’m not in PA anymore, but I hope when I come home, y’all will have kicked all the messy people out of office so we can hunt and have a big wild game cooking party at the end of the season like in days of old. If the Government wants to stop gun violence. They need to not mess with law abiding citesens. We’re not the problem. Go figure, but if they keep messing with law abiding citesens, soon there won’t be any.

    • elvis

      These liberals want their thug and illegal alien buddies to be the only people with their illegal guns!!!

  • Bob Taylor

    I have been reading and evaluating this bill. It is an abortion in itself. Cost, fees START at 10.00. Remember the old traffic fines of 10.00 fine and 5.00 costs? What are they today? Add on fingerprinting and enforcement fees and where does it go. To hundreds per gun. Say you have 10 or 20 guns. None of these fees are one for all. Separate fees for every gun and every year renewal. It is a registration/ confiscation scheme designed to make a criminal out of every gun owner! There is way more, too detailed for here!

  • Candace

    Turning Honest citizens into Criminals and the Criminals will be armed ! Are they NUTS

  • William


  • Silence DoGood

    This is ILLEGAL AND A DIRECT VIOLATION OF THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION! The Brittish did this to us at the start of our Country. You could consider this Treason against the American way of life

  • Lawrence

    Maybe I’ll register my guns when voter required I.D. passes. Then again maybe not.

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