Pennsylvania Church Plans Blessing Ceremony for AR-15s, Community Concerned

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Rod Of Iron Ministries in Wayne County, a Pennsylvania church, planned a “blessing ceremony” for parishioners who own AR-15s long before the Parkland, Florida shooting. But since the mass shooting, the community is apprehensive and some are thinking about keeping their children home that day, even though the guns will not be loaded and will be secured with zip ties. But you know, it’s the gun that’s the problem, not the person behind it.

The ceremony is set to go next Wendesday at 10:00 a.m. But there is an elementary school just down the road from the church, so even the school administration is worried and thinking about what they will do that day.  The church expects around 600 people to come, many of whom will be armed. With guns that aren’t loaded. With zip ties.

The Pennsylvania state police have reached out to the church to find out what will be going on.

Fox2Now reported,

Just down the road from the church is Wallenpaupack South Elementary School with 280 students, plus teachers and staff. In light of recent gun violence at schools, the planned ceremony with assault weapons is concerning for parents.

“It’s something I would consider keeping my child home. It’s scary,” said Liz Zoccola.

“I wish they wouldn’t have it at all. I don’t think there’s a good time to have it, especially this close,” Kendra Hanor said.

Rod of Iron Ministries/Sanctuary Church

The Rod of Iron Ministries is the same as the Sanctuary Church, and is run by Sean Moon, 7th son of the Rev Sun Myung Moon of South Korea (the founder of the Unification Church).  They believe in the right of self defense, but after that the doctrine of the church differs strongly from most other Christian churches. They believe that the AR-15 is the “Rod of Iron” spoken of in Scripture. They focus on the idea of the “Gospel of the Kingdom” rather than the crucifixion. It is partly that belief structure and many others that has kept Moon’s Unification church and its offshoots out of mainstream Christianity since the 70s.

The Moon family also owns Kahr Arms. So are they dangerous? Not likely, unless there is someone with real mental illness among them that is plotting to wipe out that elementary school. Chances of that are slim. Send your kids to school, snowflakes.

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