Peace Deal #2 Brokered Between Bahrain, Israel

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President Trump appears to be on a roll. On September 11, he announced a new peace deal between Bahrain and Israel (Fox). The two countries have agreed to normalize relations, and exchange diplomats. This comes quickly just after it was announced that Israeli flights could use Bahrain and Saudi airspace.

“This is a historic breakthrough to further peace in the Middle East. Opening direct dialogue and ties between these two dynamic societies and advanced economies will continue the positive transformation of the Middle East and increase stability, security, and prosperity in the region…

The United States expresses its gratitude to the Kingdom of Bahrain for hosting the historic Peace to Prosperity workshop in Manama on June 25, 2019, to advance the cause of peace, dignity, and economic opportunity for the Palestinian people. The parties will continue their efforts in this regard to achieve a just, comprehensive, and enduring resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to enable the Palestinian people to realize their full potential. Israel affirmed that as set forth in the Vision for Peace, all Muslims who come in peace may visit and pray at the Al Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem’s other holy sites will remain open for peaceful worshipers of all faiths.

King Hamad and Prime Minister Netanyahu express their deep appreciation to President Trump for his dedication to peace in the region, his focus on shared challenges, and the pragmatic and unique approach he has taken to bringing their nations together…”

Excerpt from Joint statement of the US, Bahrain, and Israel

The agreement between the two nations should open the door to a more stable Middle East, if the relationships hold. Oman and Sudan may be the next on the list. The new agreement will be signed on Tuesday, September 15.

Iran and Turkey were livid about the agreement with the UAE, and claimed the agreement was a “dagger in the back” to Palestinians. This second agreement should cause them to have a complete meltdown. They are dangerous factors, so we’ll see whether they disrupt the process.

The President has also recently brokered a peace deal between Serbia and Kosovo, as well as the UAE and Israel, as we previously reported. He has now been nominated twice in one year for the Nobel Peace Prize for his peace deals.

Featured photo: Screenshot via Gulf News


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