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Jackson Proskow is the Washington, D.C. Bureau Chief for Canada’s and Global National. On Thursday, he happened to be travelling through Dallas Love Field in Texas when he was privy to a patriotic moment – the arrival of the remains of USAF Col Roy Knight, who was shot down during the Vietnam War. (via article by Hope Hodge Seck.)

Col Knight’s remains were identified by the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency in February.

The plane was covered by water jets from fire trucks that formed an arch as they landed at Gate 12.

Col Knight was shot down on May 19, 1967, in Laos while attacking a target on the Ho Chi Minh trail. For that action, he was posthumously awarded the Air Force Cross. His other decorations included the Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross, and the Purple Heart. He was a member of the 602nd Fighter Squadron.

“Col. Knight ejected from his aircraft, but no parachute was seen deploying. A search was undertaken but could not find him”…

T.S.A. agents stood solemnly in a line near the gate. The gate agent held the microphone in his hands, taking a long pause and a deep breath. He struggled to say what came next: “Today, the pilot of the plane bringing Col. Knight home is his son.”
There were quiet gasps. A few people burst into tears.”


Dallas Love Field was the very airport where Col Knight’s son waved goodbye to him as he flew off to war. He never saw his father again. On Thursday, that son, Bryan Knight, was the Captain of the Southwest Airlines plane that brought his father home.

Southwest personnel stood solemnly in lines as the plane taxied to a stop at the terminal.

Jackson Proscow said that the entire airport fell silent as Col Knight’s flag draped casket was removed from the plane.

patriotic moment
Photo by Jackson Proscow

This patriotic moment should remind all of us that there are those who did not return from war on foreign soil. Col. Knight was missing for 52 years. Thanks to Jackson Proscow for his tweets – the silence of the airport, the attention of employees, and the removal of the flag draped casket by the honor guard…these are things that prick our hearts. They are important – they remind us of sacrifice.

Featured photo: screenshot of Col Roy Knight via Global News.CA

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