Patriot Student Slammed with Censorship and Death Threats

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Patriot Student Slammed with censorship and death threats

Michael Moroz is a student at Central High School in Philadelphia, one of the city’s largest schools. He expected that his viewpoint would not be popular, but he was not expecting death threats. Or that his editorial would be censored.

One of our members has a daughter who attends Central High School with Michael, and he states the young man is a real patriot who didn’t deserve what happened to him. He and the boy have spoken at length.

But liberals refuse to listen to anyone’s viewpoint but their own.

A Patriot’s viewpoint not welcome

Michael wrote an opinion piece for the high school newspaper, the Centralizer, that criticized the University of Missouri racial protests.  He also stated that Michael Brown, killed by officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, was a “delinquent” at best and a “thug” at worst.

He’s the managing editor of the paper- it’s what editors do: have opinions. But apparently not at this school.

patriot student slammed

screenshot of Michael’s article

Here is an excerpt from his article:

When supporting facts don’t exist, the activists invent them, of course. Jonathan Butler, a student at Mizzou, went on a hunger strike after blatantly lying about being hit by Tim Wolfe’s car; he stepped in front of the car, and it’s on video for anyone to watch. The appropriate response to this nonsense should’ve been — starve. These activists have not heeded the Michael Brown ruling, nor will they accept any of the aforementioned claims about the criminal justice system as even debatable. The campus left doesn’t engage in debate; it engages in hunger strikes and sit-ins instead.

It was published at the same time as an article applauding them. But as soon as the paper was placed on their Facebook page…things went south in a hurry.

Michael Moroz – photo via by David Swanson

Firestorm reported,

Things blew up once the story hit the Centralizer’s Facebook page shortly after Philadelphia schools let out for winter break. On social media, there were calls to “deal with” Moroz and “shoot” him, and he was decried as a racist. Fearing for his safety, Moroz did not attend school Monday.

“I definitely felt threatened,” said Moroz, a Northeast Philadelphia resident and the newspaper’s managing editor. “It’s hard not to feel threatened.”

Student editors pulled Moroz’s piece from the newspaper’s website when the online commentary began turning ominous toward Moroz and said in a Facebook message that “if an article comes across as insensitive, and the Central community would rather have it taken down … then the article will be taken down.”

Later, administrators at Central, one of the city’s top schools, backed the students’ decision.


Censorship – Violation of the First Amendment

Eventually, the school pulled the pro-demonstrators’ article as well. It was censorship, plain and simple. And a disturbing violation of the Michael’s First Amendment rights.

But here is the underlying issue:

Every time a liberal doesn’t like something, they throw a fit and threaten to kill someone. They are exceedingly intolerant. And yet they are quick to point their finger at Conservatives and call us the exact thing that they are: racist and intolerant. Their definition of “free speech” is more” insensitive that any of ours. And it is tantamount to assault.

If we would stop allowing these brats to have their temper tantrums, eventually they’d have to give up. If they really do try to kill someone, we can have them arrested … then throw them in the slammer and throw away the key. If we grew up with consequences, why can’t they?

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