Patriot Prayer Trump Supporter Murdered in Portland

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A Patriot Prayer Trump supporter wearing a thin blue line flag on his bag was fatally shot in the chest by a “protester” on Saturday in downtown Portland. Both victim and suspect have been identified, but names not released.After a caravan of Trump supporters drove through downtown Portland on Saturday evening, clashes broke out between the BLM/Antifa groups and the Trump supporters. Protesters stood in the street in an attempt to block the caravan – whose actual route was reportedly kept secret on purpose to protect it.

“Just heard that the man killed is affiliated with my group. Just had drinks with him last Saturday…all I got to say right now is he was a good Patriot and this news has hit my group of friends pretty hard. It’s time for Trump to hear our cries and clean up Portland. We will not let them kill us anymore…shame on Ted Wheeler and Kate Brown. His blood is on their hands. They allowed this violence to happen for over three months. How many people need to die before the elected officials will do their job to protect its citizens?” Independent Reporter Andrew Duncomb (District Herald)

The Thin Blue Line flag typically indicates pro-police stance, or a former police officer.

“(Real) Medics tried to save the shooting victim in downtown Portland. It is a white male contrary to what antifa journalists and accounts said about it being a black victim.” Andy Ngo


“Remember, @CNN  & nearly all of the MSM has spent months defending antifa. “We got them right here. We got a couple right here.” “Pull it out!” “Right here?” *shots fired* And an innocent Trump supporter is killed by a leftwing anarchist. #BidenRiots ” Donald Trump Jr on Twitter

BLM/Antifa cheered the death of the Patriot Prayer Trump supporter:

“Everybody, I just got word. The person who died was a Patriot Prayer person. He was a f***ing Nazi. Our community held its own and took out the trash. I’m not going to shed any tears over a Nazi dying!” Black Lives Matter leader

Organizers of the event encouraged demonstrators to come armed, but not carry their firearms openly.

The fatal shooting occurred after most of the Trump caravan had left downtown…

…Asked what sort of planning Portland police did in preparation for Saturday’s dueling rallies, which were easily identified to contain elements typical of events that end in violence, a bureau spokesman said it does not “discuss our tactical plans publicly.”  OregonLive

Apparently their “tactical plans” weren’t enough to stop the carnage.

According to Andy Ngo both victim and suspect have been identified but names not released.

Featured photo: screenshot from Twitter via @MrAndyNgo


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