Passenger’s tasteless prank only highlights his wicked nature

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The fallout from YouTube ‘star’ Adam Saleh’s controversial video continues, as yet another passenger from the Delta flight from which he was ejected has come forward to offer an account inconsistent with Saleh’s own report.

Saleh was kicked off of the Delta Airlines flight this week for shouting in Arabic with his friend. Saleh filmed the responses of the passengers in the plane’s cabin, eventually being kicked off the plane. His Twitter page alone is enough to entertain you for the remainder of your holiday break, with social justice warriors clashing with Saleh’s defenders in heated exchanges. (See Saleh’s tweet below)

Well known prankster

According to the latest passenger account, featured in The UK’s Independent:

“The YouTube guy was trying to get his friend to shout something in Arabic which he did a total of 4 times.

“He shouted it across the plane and the first two times I thought he was shouting maybe a friend or something. A couple of passengers after the second time said they were making themselves and their young children uncomfortable and could they shut up.

“They told her to shut up and then he shouted it again.

“They were filming people’s reactions on their phones, I assume for some comedy YouTube video but they were made to delete it.”

Among YouTube subscribers, Saleh is apparently a well-known prankster, the article goes on to state. In a more notorious prank, Saleh films himself and a friend apparently being racially profiled by a police officer in New York. Others include Saleh sustaining a fake gunshot wound.

Selfish, infantile Act

It seems that more and more people are coming out to decry and debunk Saleh’s tale, and I encourage more to come forward. To not only intend to frighten airline passengers using a very rational fear of Muslim extremism, but to do it during the busy holiday season, is a selfish, infantile act.

Looking at the recent terror attack in Berlin, Saleh’s “prank” is even more tasteless. This juvenile clown’s antics reveal a shocking amount of disrespect for the multitudes of us who fear the world in which we now live – a world in which we are made to constantly be afraid and on guard for evil. Saleh here is doing nothing more than displaying his offensive disregard for his fellow man.

And what has he gained? A few more YouTube page hits? One can only hope that his hoaxes will culminate in a very real day when the boy who cried wolf really does find himself a victim of the same world he has gone to such great lengths to create. Only then will he see the error of his ways.

Here is the offensive incident:

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