Party’s Over, Everybody Out of Whoopi Goldberg’s Vagina!

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It’s been a bad week for the yapping hens of The View television show. First, the ladies denigrated the entire nursing profession after making fun of a nurse who appeared in the Miss America pageant. She had walked onstage in her scrubs and detailed her work with Alzheimer’s patients for the talent portion of the show. The View charmers were so thoughtless in their comments that five major sponsors have left the show, costing the program millions in lost ad revenue.

 whoopi goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg – photo via unitedteachersofnorthport

Fake apology

The ladies later faked an apology to nurses by inviting some of them onstage, but a guest on the show blew their cover by revealing that backstage the hens were still putting down the healthcare professionals.

Of course, we’re all familiar with the years of intensive study, plus that tough, two-year residency, that is required of the hosts of The View before they can gossip intelligently about the Kardashians and discuss crazy, left-wing politics.

Whoopi – Get out of  my vagina

Next, co-host Whoopi Goldberg got so worked up over the possibility of Republicans in Congress defunding Planned Parenthood,that  she went on a rant against those who oppose the abortion mill – a rant that ended with Whoopi telling everyone to ‘get out!’

“If you think this is going to stop women from doing it, it’s not,” Goldberg said during Monday’s episode, according to the Wrap. “People who are desperate enough to go and get an abortion, there’s a reason they need it.”

The host then asked that politicians stay away from her reproductive system: “Get out of my vagina!”

I know some of you just threw up a little. Sorry about that. I didn’t realize that many of us were in Whoopi’s hoo-ha to begin with. She wants everybody out though, and she sounds pretty adamant about it. She may have become confused and thought Republicans were trying to cut off funding to her lady parts and that’s why she threw everybody out. Who knows with Whoopi?

Taking baby killing seriously

Those female Hollywood elites sure do take their baby killing seriously. Are they conducting human sacrifices behind the scenes? They go crazy whenever anybody tries to stop their flow of infanticide.

It could be that the leftists are offering sacrifices to the bundled cable gods, without whom shows like The View would cease to exist. Whoopi, especially, has gotten meaner every year she’s been on the show which is probably one reason why the show’s ratings continue to fall.

So, I’m sorry to be the one you had to hear it from, but Whoopi wants us all out. Will the last one out please hit the lights?



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