Parkland Parent Scolds Broward County School District – Trump Reached Out, You Did Not

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All the high profile politicking that has come out of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Shooting has left a lot of casualties. Chief among those are the actual  victims, not the phony ones cooked up by the media. Lisa Olsen is the parent of William Olsen, who was shot in both arms by Nikolas Cruz. She went to the Broward County School District meeting on Tuesday April 10, to “scold” them for ignoring the real victims of the Parkland shooting, according to the Daily Caller.

“Even the president of the United States, the first lady, the governor, the attorney general, the chief of staff, and the senator had time to hug my son, but not my school district and not my son’s principal.” Lisa Olsen

Olsen stated that the school district completely avoided her and the other parents of injured students. Her son witnessed three of his friends murdered in front him.

“The silence coming from the Broward School District speaks volumes. It seems to me and to my son that high-speed media events and politics have gotten in the way of helping those who have been hurt. The district’s first concern should be MSD’s students and families that have been most affected and injured. Photo ops and press conferences seem to be the district’s focus rather than focusing on those who are suffering and trying to come to terms with what had happened…

If anyone had the wherewithal to give the most affected some guidance or some reassurance on navigating that transition back to school I would be here supporting you and not criticizing the school board in the district focused on actually governing rather than politicking after this tragedy.”

She’s right, you know. The whole leftist-financed, political agenda has left the real victims without support. Much like veterans who come home from war, these students need transitional assistance. Everyone has their focus squarely on gun control rather than helping those who actually need it.

Instead of bringing compassion, they’re following a foul-mouthed snot who is funded and used by liberals… the “useful idiot.” While people like William Olsen struggle to recover from not only being shot but witnessing the horror of his friends’ deaths. President Trump reached out, the school district avoided. And they call him the bad guy?

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