Parker High School Counselor’s Letter to Military Enlistee Starts Furor

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Janesville, Wisconsin – Parker High school gave a scholarship to Senior Christian J Fischer, which would have paid for his time in technical college. But CJ decided to enlist in the US military instead, which is actually a common situation, and the school gave his scholarship to the next person eligible. But it was the letter sent to him by the school’s Guidance Counselor that created a firestorm on Facebook after CJ’s sister posted it.

Here is her Facebook post:

“In case you’re wondering what Parker high school does when you EARN a scholarship for good grades and then you decide to serve OUR country. If anyone would like to support my brother and show your disapproval of this straight up bull crap… go ahead and call the school district or share this post ??
Update! Thank you all for your support and defending my brother. We’ve had over 2.5k shares on my post alone and I’m sure the school district will be getting ahold of our family shortly.
Update- parker principal has stated that cj should still not come to the event and that they will not be recognizing him for his grades. His story was covered by a news station and a radio station out of Milwaukee tonight. We honestly don’t even care about the scholarship but the fact that they are STILL acting this way is absurd.”

“Parker High School Student Services staff was notified by Christian today that he is entering the military. You should have received an invitation to the Senior Awards Program on May 17 this week. We just want to let you know that Christian will not be receiving any scholarships or awards and therefore should not attend the awards program.” 

Best of Luck to Christian!

Mary C. Ross, Guidance Counselor

When the news hit the local media, NBC15 contacted the school to find out what was going on. The principal of the school, Chris Laue, apologized for the way it was handled, and said that the situation was explained to Christian before the letter was sent to his family.


Ms Ross’ inept way of telling the student what was happening caused a furor, with people calling the school to complain.

As far as receiving awards for his good grades, it is unclear whether the awards program was for ONLY scholarship recipients or ALL seniors with excellent grades. If it was for all students who earned good grades, then the letter was completely out of line. Regardless, it was poorly worded.

The fact is that when any student who has just received a scholarship changes their plans from college/vocational school and decides to do something else, that scholarship goes to the next eligible student. If they didn’t do it that way, and the person enlisted later after receiving it, the scholarship is dead ended and no one gets it until the next year. And for seniors…next year is too late.

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