Paris – Seven Muslim Police Officers Ordered to Turn in Their Guns

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Seven Muslim Police Officers in Paris were ordered to turn in their guns after officials conducted an investigation regarding the possibility that they had become radicalized. One officer has been suspended, according to the

Reports vary, but anywhere from 27 to 33 reports of Muslim police officers becoming radicalised have been received by authorities.

The “Imam of Peace,” Mohamad Tawhidi from Australia tweeted: “7 Muslim Paris police officers ordered to hand over their weapons and one has been suspended after being suspected of radicalism. An Islamic Extremist officer stabbed to death four colleagues and injured two more at the force’s headquarters on October 3.”

Since a knife attack on October 3 (we previously reported here) involving a radicalized Muslim, officers have turned names into authorities of police officers that may have been radicalised. The police administrator expressed dismay that members of his own department were radicalised. Do they not understand that leopards don’t change their spots?

Godfather politics reported

On October 3, police computer technician Mickaël Harpon, 45, went on a killing spree that ended with his own death in the courtyard of the department’s Paris HQ.

One of Harpon’s victims, who happened to be the deputy head of the police intelligence services, had previous warned about Harpon’s radicalization, but nothing was done about the warning…

…According to French lawmakers, there are currently 28 officers under suspicion of radicalization across France. There are 150,000 police officers in the country, but countless more police employees.

Lawmakers also noted that one thing that should cause concern is when someone converts to Islam. In the west, converts are often more dangerous and radical than those born into the religion.

‘Radicalization’ is just one small tip of a very large problem when two totally different cultures clash.

Featured photo: Twitter @ImamofPeace


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