Paris Knife Attack: Two Arrested, Two Wounded- Terror Investigation Opened

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France: A Paris knife attack in which two people were seriously wounded has prompted a terror investigation. Two people have been arrested after the stabbing of two people near the site of the 2015 Charlie Hebdo massacre. The timing and location of the attack made the prosecution believe it was linked to jihadists, since the trial of some of the persons involved in the 2015 incident is ongoing at this time. The Cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo have since moved their offices, but the stabbing occurred near the site of the 2015 attack.

Paris knife attack

Initially, police stated that 4 people were wounded, but later revised that down to two. The suspect is an 18 year old Pakistani man, and the second person is reportedly from Algeria.  The Algerian national may soon be released, according to authorities.

Two members of PTLV films, a documentary production company, stepped outside their building for a cigarrette break when they were stabbed. The main person involved in the stabbing was arrested, along with another person.

France 24 reported,

Later Friday, French Prime Minister Jean Castex arrived at the scene after cutting short a visit to northern Paris. He underscored the “symbolic site” of the attack, “at the very moment where the trial into the atrocious acts against Charlie Hebdo is under way”. He promised the government’s “unfailing attachment to freedom of the press, and its determination to fight terrorism”.

Castex also added that the injuries the two victims had sustained in the attack were “not life-threatening”. Charlie Hebdo’s current address is kept secret for security reasons.

The two people confirmed injured worked for documentary film company Premières Lignes, according to founder Paul Moreira. He told BFM television that the attacker fled into the subway, and the company’s staff members were evacuated.

Moreira said a man in the street “attacked two people who were in front of the building, didn’t enter the building, and who attacked them with an axe and who left”. He said the company had not received any threats.

Police cordoned off the area, including the former Charlie Hebdo offices, after a suspect package was noticed nearby, but the package was found to be harmless and no explosives were found, according a police official.

Defiant Charlie Hebdo

The cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo recently re-published the controversial cartoons that sparked the attacks in 2015.  Al- Qaeda immediately threatened them with a repeat of the massacre that killed 12, and a day later others at a different location.  The trial was delayed while one of the suspects was tested for COVID-19, but resumed on September 25 after the test came back negative.

“All the team at Charlie offers support and solidarity to its former neighbours and colleagues at PLTVfilms and to the people hit by this odious attack.” Charlie Hebdo on Twitter

One Muslim Twitter user voiced disgust at the actions of the stabber:

“…What I think is that the jihadists are stupid and soulless, and above all do not advocate any value of Islam, because no Allah never said “go kill”, the jihadists deserve the maximum penalty because it is atrocious and horrible their actions…the jihadists their goal and to create a war and if it goes in this direction you will walk on blood in the street and nobody wants that…”@Sacrikiller_Ama

France has experienced its share of terror attacks since opening their borders to migrants.

Featured photo: Screenshot via France 24


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