Paris Airport Attack by Known Islamic Radical

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Paris, France- A man walked into the Orly Airport in Paris this morning and attempted to seize a female soldier’s gun. The 39 year old was already on police radar as a suspected Islamic terrorist. Earlier he wounded a police officer who tried to pull him over for a “routine” stop just north of Paris.

From the photos on French media, it appears the attacker was able to grab the soldier’s gun, but he was shot dead before being able to use it.

Orly Airport was shut down and passengers evacuated to another facility in the city. Heavily armed security forces descended on the airport as a search began for anyone else that might have been involved. Security forces advised people not to come to Orly as police activity was ongoing.

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The attacker was identified as Ziyed Ben Belgacem. He had been on police radar since the 2015 Paris attacks when police searched his residence. But the airport incident wasn’t the first today or at any other time, and he had  along record.

Le Parisien reported,

The 39-year-old man was born in Paris and lived in Val-d’Oise. He was under judicial control of the Paris Court of First Instance for an armed robbery case.The assailant was indeed known for numerous acts of robbery and robbery since his youngest age. The DGSI had carried out checks on it, without however finding the file S. It had also been the subject of an administrative search in 2015 which, too, had not given anything…

In addition, the police are now sure that there is a link between the events at Orly airport and shooting during a roadside check at the border between the Val-d’Oise and the Seine -Saint-Denis, very early Saturday. According to our information, at 0655, the police tried to control a vehicle, a white Renault Clio, at a roundabout at the edge of Garges-lès-Gonesse (Val-d’Oise) and Stains -St Denis). The driver gave his papers and then started shooting at two policemen, touching a policeman in the face (his vital prognosis is not engaged) with a shotgun, placed at his side in the passenger seat. The wounded policeman is about thirty years old. The man fired several times before fleeing. 

[Translation: “his vital prognosis not engaged” just means they don’t know his/her condition] He shot at the police officers with a shotgun and hit one in the face.

The reports say that the suspect then carjacked another vehicle from a woman, and went to the Orly airport where he was permanently neutralized. No one else was injured in the attack.

The French anti-terrorism prosecutor is handling the investigation.

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