Panic in Paris — Zoo Evacuated After 52 Baboons Escape

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Paris, France – On Friday morning, a veterinarian was working at the Paris Zoo, and noticed baboons gathering in a service corridor. As he raised the alarm, the emergency protocol was initiated. The zoo was evacuated and locked down. Turned out that 52 of the Old World Monkeys made a break for it with their pals. And they weren’t something that zoo officials needed to have contacting their patrons.

Armed zookeepers carried tranquilizer guns in the hunt for the jail breakers. All but 4 of the critters were recaptured and lured back into their enclosure. The others were seen “gathering” in a specific location and are being rounded up. But the panic was real for zoo visitors because baboons can be exceedingly dangerous if they are threatened.

Update: All of the escaped inmates have been rounded up.


screenshot from dw.

“They are stronger than us”

The Daily Mail reported,

An official at the zoo said the remaining four will soon return since the dominant males have already come back.

Some may have escaped into nearby play areas and other recreational facilities, but it is unlikely they have got out of the zoological park itself, which covers 36 acres.

‘They are almost certainly all in the park woods, but anybody in the area needs to keep a look out,’ the spokesman added.

Just for information, should you encounter a baboon, you’re not supposed to make eye contact and keep your head down.  They have some nasty looking canine teeth that can tear you apart in an instant when challenged. They are much stronger than humans.



Feature photo: screenshot from NatGeo “Baboon House”

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