Palmetto State Armory has Response To Nike: Thank You, More Business for Us!

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The Palmetto State Armory thanked Nike for the dumping the Betsy Ross Flag shoe because they were able to take advantage of the situation by engraving the thirteen star flag on their AR lowers. (Breitbart). They’ve been “selling like crazy.” They even have one lower that is engraved with a picture of Betsy Ross sewing the flag.

The lowers have the “Betsy Ross flag” with its 13 stars etched on it along with the words “Istand” (a great reference to knee bender Kaepernick) where the AR normally goes. They are reasonably priced, and are shipped 4 to 6 weeks from the date of purchase. They are popular items – the Istand-15 is already sold out – but never fear, they’ll probably be getting more in soon.

Palmetto State Armory was started by military veteran Jamin McCallum. Their website reads:

“The history of Palmetto State Armory is simple, veteran Jamin McCallum returned from deployment with the same passion and demand for excellence that was instilled in him through the military. As an avid gun lover and business man, he soon noticed that there did not seem to be a customer friendly company available for the everyday gun enthusiast. With the help of a few family members and friends Palmetto State Armory was created to meet those needs. Starting as just an ammunition and magazine website, PSA has grown into a full service company represented by the website, multiple retail locations, and its own personalized firearms brand. With a dedication to quality and customer service, Palmetto State Armory has their sights set on continued excellence and growth.”

As the old saying goes, ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.’

Probably the snowflakes at Nike didn’t realize they’d be helping a gun manufacturer make their business grow when they yanked the patriotic shoe from the shelves. And we’re certain Colin Kaepernick didn’t want that to happen. But such is the nature of business, as many have created T-shirts, and even shoes to make a statement about Nike’s cave to Kaepernick. Patriotism is not dead!

Featured photo: Palmetto State Armory

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  • Scott

    Fantastic company I’ve dealt with Palmetto for years. Love their weapons.

  • SSG (R) John J Braun

    Love it. Yes, thank you Nike for helping Capitalism bloom. Y’all Rock.

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