Palmdale, California: 1 Detained, 1 Injured at Highland High School

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In Palmdale, California this morning, police responded to a report of an active shooter at Highland High School, as well as shots fired at Manzanita Elementary. A 14 year old male student was shot in the arm at Highland High School, and a 14 year old male Hispanic student was detained off campus for the crime.

Police stated that the incident stemmed from a “dispute” between students.  The nature of that “dispute” is not known at this time. Was it gang related? Was there some other reason a 14 year old had a gun in a rigid gun control state? The school was placed on lockdown as officers worked to clear it and make sure there were no other threats. The 14 year old victim is expected to make a full recovery.

The fact that this incident occurred in California, gun control central, should show people that gun control does not work, but as with other situations, it just fuels the liberal push to disarm law abiding citizens.

As is usual in cases of active shooters, reports of a similar incident nearby at Manzanita Elementary school sparked a massive police reponse. It was a false report according to police:

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