Palestinian Terrorist Executes Two Israelis, Wounds Another

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Barkan Industrial Zone, Israel – Yesterday morning at 8:30 a.m., a Palestinian terrorist with a work permit walked into the the Industrial area where he was employed, handcuffed two people, and shot them both in the head “execution style.” An intense manhunt has ensued.

The Barkan Industrial zone is located between a Jewish Settlement and Palestinian village on the West Bank. The incident took place at the Alon Group Recycling Factory, where the suspect was an electrician.

The suspect was identified as 23 year old Ashraf Walid Suleiman Na’alwa.

YNET reported,

The terrorist arrived at the factory, where he worked as an electrician, shortly after 7:30am. He hid the M-16 rifle he had brought with him under his clothes and apparently showed the security—at the industrial zone’s entrance, his work permit.

Na’alwa entered the factory through the main entrance. He went upstairs to fix an electrical malfunction on the second floor, noticed several employees, and decided to go back downstairs while simultaneously drawing a weapon.

According to one assessment, the terrorist took small handcuffs from the factory’s warehouse and then returned to the second floor to carry out the attack.

He then walked to the separate offices of two people, tied them up and shot them- or shot them and tied them up, officials are unclear on the exact details. He also shot a 54 year old woman on the way out – she is expected to recover.

Some officials believe Na’alwa was merely a disgruntled employee. Regardless of his motives, he is being investigated by various Israeli security branches as a terrorist. His home had already been “mapped” for demolition. The weapon is one thing that points to terrorism – Israel has rigid controls on who gets firearms.

Debka reported,

Israeli officers leading the manhunt believe that the Palestinian terrorist, who murdered Kim Levengrund-Yehezkel and Ziv Hajbi and injured another woman at the Barkan industrial park on Monday, had help in getting away from the scene. While the official story until now termed the killer, a Palestinian of 23, a lone wolf, DEBKAfile’s military and counter-terrorism sources report that officers engaged in the operation now conclude that he was backed by a team of accomplices, who trained him for the attack, provided the semi-automatic rifle which he used and waited nearby to extricate him from the scene without delay.

The victims, Kim Levengrund-Yehezkel and  Ziv Hajbi, both had families with children.

The victims of the Barkan attack: Kim Levengrund-Yehezkel and  Ziv Hajbi

As one Israeli stated, “He had a job here in Israel, a future to do something with himself and this is how he pays us back.”


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