Palestinian Passover Plot

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On the eve of Passover, Friday, March 30, thousands of Palestinians gathered at the border between Gaza and Israel for what they called the “#GreatMarchofReturn.” Their carefully doctored videos proclaimed that the gatherings were “peaceful” and that Israelis killed unarmed civilians. But there is another side.

The choosing of March 30 was no accident – it is what the Arabs call “Land Day” – a commemoration of the 1976 shooting of six Arab-Israelis who attacked IDF soldiers. On Friday night, the terrorists were among the masses, many of whom rioted as they tested the defenses along the border. Although the regular soldiers often used nonlethal rubber bullets, the snipers used real ones to neutralize the terrorists among the crowds.

Sources from Israel say that it wasn’t the ‘peaceful march’ that was purported to the media. Many were rolling burning tires, Molotov cocktails, or throwing rocks at the IDF, which was confirmed later by the IDF Twitter account. At least 10 of the sixteen people killed by the IDF were known terrorists. But you wouldn’t know that if you just listened to the narrative of Hamas, who claimed they were all unarmed civilians. Four of the sixteen were directing automatic rifle fire at IDF soldiers, according to one source.

“The enemy can be resisted by various means…Some of these means are nonviolent and others are violent. All are legal, accessible, and feasible, and all have an impact.” Issam Adwan, Hamas ‘refugee director.’


“A seven-year-old Palestinian girl was sent by Hamas across the fence, opposite IDF soldiers.
“IDF forces immediately recognized that it was a girl and ensured that she returned safely to her parents.
“The Hamas terror organization uses women and children in a cynical manner, sending them to the fence and threatening their lives.” IDF statement in Jerusalem Post

The purpose of the massing at the border is to exhaust the Israeli forces enough that they will allow the thousands of Palestinians entry into Israel (which would be a major disaster). The narrative Hamas is using to get support is a lie. But the mass demonstration was NOT the peaceful protest by ‘innocent unarmed people’ that the Palestinians have claimed. You can read more about the current terrorism situation here at the MEIT intelligence center.

A friend in Israel told us of another worry,

“Another Palestinian goal is to totally disrupt the Passover Seders and the rest of the holiday. They say that they will keep this up until the 70th anniversary of Israel’s statehood on May 14th … and then TAKE ALL the ground with an escalation, when Ramadan begins on the 15th of that month. Meanwhile, this uprising in Gaza could be a coordinated DISTRACTION so that the enemies, at Israel’s northern border and beyond, could attack while IDF forces and weapons are centered in the midsection of the nation.” 


Featured photo: screenshot via Al-Arabiya of a protester with an axe beside burning tires.

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