Paid Rioters? Infiltrators Evident in Cities Across America

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We’ve written about this kind of situation before. Ferguson, Missouri; Baltimore, Maryland; Portland, Oregon; Charlottesville... Antifa and other left wing groups infiltrate the legitimate protests and work to increase the violence to create chaos. Their agenda is destruction of everything America stands for. And there are Antifa members inside what has been occurring all across the country. Some who have infiltrated are paid rioters.

It is not a “protest” it is a coup attempt, according to Dan Bongino, former Secret Service agent.

Surprisingly, even Keith Ellison, Minnesota’s AG and a Democrat, has reported that he has evidence of outside influence in the rioting.

“We have evidence that outsiders have been present and, in some cases, have played a very negative role. But I’ve been talking with protesters and trying to get a sense of who some of these folks are and I’ve heard mixed things. Some of the negative stuff has come from people in Minnesota and some of it has come from people on the outside. What I’d say is we’ve got enough to handle on our own and that what we really need to do is refocus on justice for Mr. Floyd. And the negative behavior, looting, arson, does not help us achieve that goal.” Keith Ellison

The legitimate protests over the death of George Floyd were hijacked…no commandeered… by Antifa and other leftist  groups. Their purpose is to create destruction, kill cops, and  take down this President. They do not care about communities or families…they want destruction. At least 3 are dead, businesses looted and destroyed by fire, and dozens of people injured so far.

Oh, and by the way, Biden campaign staff has been donating money to those posting bail for some of these losers (Fox). The Democrat Minneapolis Mayor has been giving out face masks to the rioters. There is a sad backwards thinking in Democrat circles.

Some of the peaceful protesters have become heroes in the midst of this mayhem by saving the lives of police officers just trying to keep the peace. We wrote about some yesterday from Louisville, Kentucky who formed a human chain around a lone officer who had become separated from his unit during the rioting.

Then there were the officers trying to arrest a person and were attacked by a violent mob, dragged, and protesters forced the mob back so that the officers could get up. Their injuries are unknown at this point. The suspect apparently didn’t get arrested due to the violence of the mob.

In 2016, hired PAID agitators to protest Trump in various cities on an ongoing basis. The protesters were paid $15.22 per hour and someone would bail them out if they were arrested. Paid protesters bussed in from out of state is what Minneapolis and other cities are dealing with, and it’s not peaceful in any sense of the word.

With the injection of Antifa, the situation becomes vicious and violent. Are they being paid again now to hijack the protests and create destruction? Antifa hates everybody. They don’t care about you, your community, or the businesses you’ve built with your own hard-earned money.

In Minneapolis armed men stood guard over a business to protect it against looters. This is what needs to take place. People protecting their own against the thugs who are trying to destroy their community.

“Those who participate in the destruction are just puppets.” David J Harris Jr

David J Harris Jr. has something to say about what’s been happening. Is this a coup against the President? Absolutely. Is this about George Floyd’s death? Not even a little bit. The attention need to be refocused on his death and the attitudes of Minneapolis police – all police. But the rioting serves only to ingrain those attitudes, not remove them. That is what the radical left wants: to destroy the country. They have no desire to change the attitudes of police or bring peace.


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Featured photo: a weeping bar owner who poured his life savings into his business, only to lose it to rioters who destroyed it and even tried to steal his safe.


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  • Bill B

    What needs to happen is they ALL need to stay home and quit the protests already…this is total crap…4 days and the only real change they have managed to make is the widepread destruction of our cities. GO HOME>

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