Paid Protesters – Is at it again?

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Are the protests fake? Are they paid protesters? While we can’t prove that exactly, we can point to prior information to see if there is a precedent.

Remember the Democrats’ “conflict engagement?”

A few heads rolled over that video from Project Veritas. Yet, the closest ones with ties to the Clintons are still in play, still plotting and planning.

Then there is with the George Soros money connection as he pays literally millions to bus in supporters of his leftist agenda. It reportedly happened in Baltimore, Ferguson, Milwaukee…what’s to say it’s not happening now across the country? HE LOST. He’s a sore loser, always has been.


Fox5, in their reporting of this pile of buses, said they were hesitant to call the protests fake because there are a lot of conventions in Austin, Texas. Ok, that’s fair. But based on the past, there is a reasonable suspicion that these could be paid protesters.

Craigslist and other ads asking for activists have been circulating for some time. Remember this one just from yesterday?


These protesters could be paid ones – paid by George Soros, who is the puppet master behind Hillary and the liberal agenda.


There is a physical principle known as synergy. “Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.” In other words, when a bunch of people start doing something, it can grow to something bigger that the individuals in it. We did that with electing Donald Trump- and look at the outcome.

But it also has a negative side.


If ten people try to scale a wall that is 10 feet high, some may not make it. But if 50 people at one time try to scale it, they will all go over the top. It’s a kind of collective energy – synergy.

The principle works in riots too-agitation produces an outcome – in the cases of riots, that outcome is bad.

While we can’t prove without a shadow of a doubt that the buses in the picture brought protesters, we do know for a fact that Democrats and their Soros buddy pay people to agitate and cause problems.

So. Are the protests real or fake? You decide.


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