PA Judge Leavitt: State Can’t Count Late Ballots; PA Sec of State Overstepped Authority

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A PA judge ruled on Thursday that ballots which came in after the election should not be counted, in a win for the Trump legal team. The Supreme Court’s Justice Alito already ruled that those that came in late must be “segregated.” PA Judge Mary Hannah Leavitt also stated that the Secretary of State, Kathy Boockvar, overstepped her statutory authority to extend the deadline in her “guidance” given two days before the election.

PA judge ruling

Why does this ruling by PA Judge Leavitt matter? By law, only the state legislature can make the deadlines for ballots, or change the rules for identification on those ballots. On November 5, Supreme Court Justice Alito court ruled that the counties must segregate the ballots that came in late. This ruling states that they cannot count those ballots.

NOTE: PA Secretary of State Boockvar is anti-Trump.

A Nation of Laws – Pennsylvania is a swamp

OANN reported,

“Separately, the Trump campaign is suing to reverse the Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision to even accept late-arriving ballots.

Meanwhile, campaign adviser and White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany revealed more evidence of suspected voter fraud in The Keystone State.

In an interview Thursday, she claimed some Republican voters were not allowed to cast their ballot in-person after receiving mail-in ballots by mistake. The Republican voters said they discarded the mail-in ballots and did not use them to vote.

McEnany went on to say Republican early voters were not given the opportunity to correct mistakes on their ballots, while their Democrat counterparts were.

The Trump campaign has filed numerous lawsuits across the country in order to verify the election results.”

Fox News cut her off, by the way, which has cost them dearly in subscribers. WH Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany tweeted in a series of six posts:

 “We have 234 pages of sworn affidavits under penalty of perjury alleging election irregularities from just ONE county in Michigan ALLEGATIONS:

  • EYEWITNESS saw 50 ballots fed many times into scanner
  • EYEWITNESSES say Jan 1, 1900 was recorded in poll book as DOB for many not in book so they could count ballots
  • EYEWITNESS saw 35 ballots counted even though not connected to voter record
  • EYEWITNESS saw batch of ballots, 60% had SAME signature
  • EYEWITNESS saw ballot batch scanned 5 times
  • EYEWITNESS saw poll workers marking ballot with no mark for candidates
  • EYEWITNESSES saw ballots counted with no signature or postmark
  • VOTER said deceased son was recorded as voting twice
  • EYEWITNESS saw provisional ballots placed in tabulation box
  • PASSENGERS dropped off more ballots than people in car
  • WITNESS told ballots received after election were being pre-dated, counted
  • FAILED software that caused error in Antrim County used in Wayne County
  • GOP challengers not readmitted but Dems admitted
  • GOP challengers forced to stay away while Dems were not
  • GOP challengers physically pushed from counting tables by officials
  • GOP challengers subjected to racial harassment
  • DEM challengers gave out packet: “Tactics to Distract GOP Challengers”
  • Election officials covered windows so challengers couldn’t observe counting
  • Election officials cheered when GOP challenger ejected
  • GOP challenges to suspect ballots ignored
  • Challengers barred from observing ballot duplication process”
None of that counts the saga of Dominion Voting Systems switching votes for Trump to Biden. 221,000 votes were taken from Trump and placed in Biden’s columns, and 941,000 Trump votes were deleted, according to the President. Rudy Guiliani has stated that more and more Dominion Voting systems people were coming forward with allegations of fraud.

Featured photo: The Honorable Judge Mary Hannah Leavitt, Pennsylvania


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