Oregon State Police Pull Out of Portland Citing Lack of Prosecution

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The Oregon State Police have had enough of constant rioting. They pulled out of Portland, after an agreemnt with the city to have them step in to guard the Federal Courthouse expired. They had agreed to two weeks, but that expired on Thursday. The underlying reason has to do with lack of prosecution for offenders, as we previously reported.

“State police committed to two weeks and that two weeks ended today. We’re in a county that’s not going to prosecute this criminal behavior.” Capt. Timothy R. Fox, Oregon State Police

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Screenshot via KOIN of police officer hit by paint. One officer received a concussion when he was hit with a rock on the helmet. (PPB photo)

Portland police photo

OregonLive reported,

The troopers will return to their regular assignments elsewhere in the Willamette Valley, along the coast, and in southern and eastern Oregon, where police staffing already is limited, Fox said.

“The Oregon State Police is continually reassessing our resources and the needs of our partner agencies and at this time we are inclined to move those resources back to counties where prosecution of criminal conduct is still a priority,” he said.

So…this leaves Portland Police holding the bag for protecting the courthouse and every other area of Portland. The Department of Homeland Security only pulled their security back after the agreement to have Oregon State Police take over was signed with Governor Kate Brown and Mayor Ted Wheeler.  They may now have no choice but to engage rioters at the federal courthouse… but of course, that will mean getting called names and told they were “stormtroopers.”

The Portland City Council had ordered Portland Police not to communicate with any Federal law enforcement – US Marshals or others. They revised that order on Wednesday and said that they could communicate with them…they must have seen the OSP action coming down the pike.

“We fully support the peaceful protests. It’s just when it turns to the violence, and now, without the support of the Multnomah County DA, that puts our officers nightly at risk.” Tanya Henderson, president of the Oregon State Police Officers Association.

At this point, Mayor Ted Wheeler and Gov Kate Brown are in a pickle. Portland police are limited in what they can do to stop a riot, and likely there aren’t enough of them to do so. Since there are no consequences for riot behavior, they are left without resources. That’s on top of the calls for “defund the police.”

Portland Police are banned from using tear gas unless it becomes lif-threatening. On Wednesday they were forced to use it, which  has come under scrutiny from the leftists.

OPB wrote:

On Wednesday night, after nearly two weeks of mostly demonstrating elsewhere in the city, hundreds of protesters returned to the Multnomah County Justice Center and federal courthouse. After listening to people speak about systemic racism, protesters gathered in front of the federal courthouse. There were chants of “Black lives matter” and “no good cops in a racist system.” Some people set small fires on the street, and occasionally a protester would set off a firework.

Shortly before midnight, the Portland Police Bureau — with help from OSP — declared an unlawful assembly and dispersed the crowd. Officers used batons, smoke grenades and impact munitions as they pushed protesters west from downtown, shoving people to the ground who were moving too slowly. Some demonstrators threw fireworks, paint or objects at officers. Eventually, local law enforcement used tear gas to drive protesters away from downtown.

The narrative that things were “quiet” while the Feds made their exit was a total lie. They just moved their operation for a short period of time. Make no mistake, America…this is an “operation.”

Featured photo: Screenshot via KOIN of a line of protesters before the riot in Portland


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