Oregon Sitrep – Cameras Removed, Children Taken, Meetings held

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Oregon Sitrep – Cameras Removed, Children Taken, Meetings held

Keeping up with what’s happening at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge aka Harney County Resource Center has become nigh unto impossible. With the split in the Patriots and the split in Burns, and the sneaky actions of the government, it has become a quagmire.  But let’s give this a try, and at least show you a few of the things happening …being aware that they can change in the blink of an eye.

The latest

The folks occupying the facility are staging a signing ceremony on Friday for ranchers who say they will no longer will pay their grazing fees. So far, only two ranchers, one from Oregon and one from New Mexico have said they’ll sign the paper. Organizers are hoping for more by Friday.

On Saturday, they removed what they termed FBI cameras from around the refuge and threw them in a basket and told the Feds to come pick them up. They accused the Feds of harassing their members.

Also on Saturday, their morning briefing turned in to a shouting match with environmentalists who showed up at the refuge to protest against the protesters. Complete with bullhorns and name-calling, it was reportedly loud and chaotic.

oregon sitrep

Confrontation on Saturday between environmentalists and the people occupying the refuge

Kris-Ann Hall, a Florida attorney, is holding a town meeting in Burns on January 18 to discuss the Constitution and sovereignty of the states.

The rage of family, the removal of children, or the manipulation of a situation

And yes, someone is harassing them…by having their children removed from their homes. Was it the government? The children of both Lavoy Finicum and Blaine Cooper were reportedly removed by CPS. Blaine Cooper’s kids were taken to his brother-in-law’s residence, according to a video posted on Blaine’s Facebook page. That information could not be independently verified due to the privacy of juvenile concerns.

The rage from others involved in Blaine’s life and that of his kids has been vocal. One man accused “whoever was behind the camera” of exploiting Blaine’s two little girls, who were openly scared and didn’t want to be on TV.

The grandfather of the two girls, US Marine veteran Randy Cooper, posted: “Those two girls are my grandchildren and I love them very much…You know how many times my wife and I bought medicine and groceries for those kids when Blaine had spent all their money on Muscle supplements… some Patriot.”

The Finicums were foster parents, and the 4 children who have recently been on the Arizona Ranch were reportedly doing fine. According to Lavoy, the day after the occupation of the refuge, CPS showed up and one at a time ‘ripped’ the children from his wife. The last one was forced out on January 9. The children were the main source of income for the Finicums as they used to receive referrals from Catholic Charities, who paid them. They stated that the ranch itself barely covers the cost of running it.

Lavoy Finicum – photo John Sepulvado via OBP


“They were ripped from my wife. We are very successful (foster parents). Our track records are good, it’s been a good relationship. (Federal authorities) must have gotten to the governor, who told the state to get them out of there.” Lavoy Finicum

There are few things as traumatic as having your children taken from you by the government when you haven’t done anything to endanger them directly. It’s traumatic for the kids, and traumatic for the adults.

The liberal view

Libs are having a field day with this whole thing. Calling the men “Y’all Qaeda,” they have been mocking them in nearly every liberal rag. But then, that’s what liberals do.

But good people are still bringing them supplies, and there is resolve amid the struggles. From accidents on slick roads to arrests, the folks at the refuge are hanging in there. The question is…how long before the tension breaks into something worse than a shouting match?

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