Oregon High School Posts Opportunities for White People to Protest for “Racial Justice”

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Sherwood, Oregon: An Instagram post put up on July 7 revealed a document placed on a school website that had “opportunities” for white people protesting for “racial justice.” The Sherwood High School in Oregon had the “instructions” posted on their website, until publicity caused them to take the document down. The encouraging of families to protest and telling them to vote Democrat is called indoctrination, not “resources.”

But, of course, the internet is forever, and parents took screenshots. This was posted by oregonians4trump on Instagram. Here are just a few of the slides from the document:

racial justice


The Instagram post reads in part:

“PARENTS BE READY: Back on June 4th, the Sherwood School District in Sherwood, Oregon released “resources” to educate and mobilize staff & families for racial injustice.

One of the resources … was a link to a document titled “Opportunities For White People in the Fight For Racial Justice.” The disturbing document encourages the reader to make life difficult for people who are white and to also vote Democrat. Look at slide 6 – it calls for the TARGETING OF WHITE TRUMP SUPPORTERS.

THIS CAME FROM A PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICT. Parents, stay up to date on your child’s school releases and statements! The complete leftist indoctrination of our kids has officially begun! Go to the school board meetings, start speaking up! This isn’t right! If your school district hasn’t released something like this, it soon will.

The document has been pulled from the resource list on the website in the last 24 hours but it has exposed how far these people are willing to go! The time to fight for your kids IS NOW!

Those are just a few of several other parts of the racial justice document: “vote Democrat,” intervene in confrontations, protest protest protest. Apparently white people aren’t allowed to make up their own minds about racial justice, they are just encouraged to do what they are told by the school. It is believed by the left that whites are all inherently racist. Which is total bunk.

Actually the time to fight for your children was about two decades ago. But the indoctrination marches on, and this school is just one of many that are actively teaching people “racial justice” instead of teaching them to get along and care about one another.

The idea that the United States is evil and has been since its beginning is a lie perpetuated by those who wish to destroy the nation. Our future is before us. It’s the major fork in the road. Which path will we take?

“The near any disease approaches to a crisis, the nearer it is to a cure. [Danger and deliverance make their advances together; it is only in the last push that one or the other takes the lead.]” Thomas Paine 1737-1809


Featured photo: Photo of Sherwood High from the School website.


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  • richard turner

    I’ve been saying for 20 years that teachers no longer teach. They practice indoctrination of young, unformed minds. Very much like communist countries do.
    Personally, I believe that all teachers, college professors, administrators and support personal ahoy be fired- no pensions or other benefits, and homeschool our kids until a new system is built.
    All staff are guilty of treason, and should be treated as traitors.

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