Oregon DOJ – Do They Train Their Agents on How to Break the Law?

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Oregon DOJ – Do They Train Their Agents on How to Break the Law?

The Oregon ACLU published a blog on April 18 that grabbed our attention. The article claimed that Oregon agents were collecting information illegally. They talked about how the Oregon DOJ may be literally training their agents to break the laws of the state.

The ACLU was talking about the Oregon agents’ surveillance of #BlackLivesMatter on Twitter.

Encouraged to break the law?

The ACLU reported,

If you’ve already read the report and exhibits, you know that the special assistant attorney general calls for changes in the DOJ’s hiring to reflect a more diverse work force as well as additional training on the laws DOJ agents broke when they collected information about the public’s political views. But you may have missed a critical piece of information that is buried near the very end of the over 150 pages of exhibits. DOJ’s very own training on this issue is fundamentally flawed….DOJ is teaching its agents how to break the law.


This training slide encourages agents to cover their butts. Plain and simple. If there really isn’t a “reasonable suspicion,” they are told to “use creativity” and “articulate” their suspicion in “some way.”

If you differ from Oregon’s stance on political, religious, or social views…you can become a target of snooping by their DOJ even though it is against the law to do so.

The Oregon governor is a screaming liberal, as is their Attorney General, Ellen Rosenblum. She admitted that the Oregon DOJ used a digital took to snoop through the twitter accounts of Oregon resident that were members of the Black Lives movement. It made her “appalled.”

They’re appalled at watching Black Lives Matter, but what about the Bundys?

Though this information was used to shed a damning light on the hunt for Twitter violators, it also creates some serious cause for concern over the arrests of Patriots at the Oregon Wildlife Refuge. How much of the “intelligence” gathering was “creative” and manufactured? We submit lots of it, fully aided by a liberal press.

Though most of the agents involved in that situation were FBI and Oregon State Police, training spills over between agencies.  Anyone want to take bets on the FBI’s training being similar?

Of course, the liberal ACLU will never stand with the Patriots who were arrested. Nor will they stand with the family who lost their loved one in what appeared to be a cold-blooded murder.

The investigation by an independent group called for more “diversity.” But diversity of agents will never stop a culture of corruption, nor a planned skirting of the law.

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