Operation Never Stop – Irma Aftermath Assistance

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Brandon Bell is the mover and shaker behind the organization “Operation Never Stop.” The name is appropriate too…they never stop helping those who are in need. He had arrived in Miami when we spoke to him.

Originally started by his Grandfather in the 1970s, Operation Never Stop was a non-profit community service organization for young adults. Brandon revived and revamped it two years ago into both search and rescue as well as community service after floods ravaged Louisiana.

He told us that in Miami, the need for search and rescue was minimal, so their primary task was to provide security. They also hooked up with Pafford EMS from Louisiana to medically evacuate those in need across Florida.

They have been working alongside local law enforcement- with their permission- to “add a layer of security.” Brandon himself is a police officer for two different agencies, so he’s well qualified to assist in that area. He and his team are made up of LEOs and Military veterans, as well as folks with medical backgrounds. Their aim is to keep people safe and provide needs for them.

“There’s been a lot of looting in Miami, so if we can add a layer of protection to the citizens and businesses, that’s what we’ll do. The need for boat rescue was minimal in Miami, so we’re doing whatever we can to help. If a civilian needs Pedialyte for their infant, we’ll do that too.”

Operation Never Stop gets on the front lines. On the trip to Miami, they were a bit “short-staffed,” but that didn’t stop them. They came to Miami with a truck and a boat, ready to assist in any way.

What does Brandon do in the “down time” between natural disasters?

“We put in wheelchair ramps for the elderly or disabled veterans, and try to help them all out as we can. We want to show the world that everyone can better mankind.”

In face, the team was at a disabled veteran’s house to build him a wheelchair ramp less than 24 hours after the man called them for help when doctors had to amputate his leg.

Brandon Bell is a busy guy. He literally “never stops” and neither does his wife. In addition to being a police officer for two different agencies, he holds a U.S. patent on an Outdoor Retrieval System called “H20 Gear Pro” for recovering lost items in aquatic environments (you can see the demo below). He also builds houses to sell, owns a hydroseeding company, and his wife has a popular clothing line called LuLaRoe¬†that keeps her hopping. He likes to hunt and fish, which he manages to make time for as well.

Brandon’s Outdoor Retrieval System:


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