Operation Legend – Sending Federal Law Enforcement Into the Lion’s Den

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President Trump is sending Federal law enforcement into some large cities that have experienced spikes- not in COVID-19, but in violence. That violence, the President says, is due to failed policies of Democrat Mayors, who, by the way, have refused any federal help for the violence. They’d rather watch their cities burn and people die than accept help from Trump. The Feds are calling it Operation Legend, after the 4 year old boy named LeGend Taliferro who was shot to death as he slept in his bed in Kansas City.

Let’s take Chicago, for example: Mayor Lori Lightfoot categorically refused federal help because she hates Trump. The Chicago Police Union, on the other hand, pleaded for Trump to “save Chicago.”

On Tuesday, 15 people were shot at a funeral home. Gang-related violence in Chicago has gone through the roof in 2020. Mayor Lightfoot is also known as an anti-police politician, and as such is not particularly well thought of by rank and file officers, according to a friend who is a former Chicago Police commander.

Well…not Portland, that Leftist Mayor is Ted Wheeler. He’s a guy. We think.

The Controversial Move called Operation Legend

A lot of the angst toward deploying federal officers comes from a video put out recently that showed federal agents ushering a protester/rioter into an unmarked car. The Democrats and Antifa claim that the officers were unidentified “secret police.”  It’s a lie.

Some of the men were from BORTAC, an elite Border Patrol unit that trains law enforcement around the world. Others were from the US Marshal’s Special unit. Their patch was clearly visible, and each person was clearly identified as “Police” on all sides. The man was released after they talked to him.  He was not “kidnapped,” he was taken off the street so the officers could talk with him. With people screaming “Who are you , what are you doing” constantly in their faces, it’s a wonder they didn’t lose their cool and smack a few of them.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi even referred to the DHS officers as “Trump’s Stormtroopers.” Please …send her into the fracas in these cities so she can experience what’s really going on.

The “peaceful protesters” Ted Wheeler talks about:

As the Feds are deployed to cities like Portland, Chicago, Cleveland, Albuquerque, and others in an attempt to quash the violence from both gangs and rioters,  we should remember that the violence is most definitely a National Security threat. When Americans can’t reside in a city without being afraid of walking down the street or even sleeping in their beds because of the violence, it’s time to take action. Democrat Mayors and Governors have allowed the violence to run rampant.

Featured photo: screenshot of rioters setting fire to the Portland Courthouse via Andy Ngo


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  • Lynn

    President Trump — Declare Marshall Law in these Cities and give the Federal Agents Authorization to SHOOT BACK !!!!!

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