Open Society Foundation Receives $18 Billion from Soros – What it means

 In 2nd Amendment

George Soros funneled over half of his wealth – $18 Billion – to the Open Society Foundation over the course of several years. The Open Society Foundation has supported many radical left wing causes and organizations. While it may mean several things, gun owners in the United States should be conscious of some implications, since the  group routinely targets the 2nd Amendment. That Foundation is now the 2nd largest in the United States… a formidable foe to the ownership of guns and any other Conservative values.

Fox News reported,

Soros, 87, has used his stash of money to place his stamp and influence on more than 100 organizations in more than 100 countries, spanning five continents. He’s pumped money into Planned Parenthood and the Black Lives Matter movement and contributed $1.4 million to help pass a California law that would make drug possession and minor theft charges misdemeanors.

But that’s not counting his rabid opposition to the 2nd Amendment.

NRA-ILA reported in part,

“At the federal level, the report recommended the criminalization of private transfers, a ban on affordable handguns, and maintained that many semi-automatic firearms be banned from private purchase.  The report also lauded President Bill Clinton’s efforts to impose a federal licensing system on gun owners. However, the radicals at Open Society contended that Clinton’s policy was not ambitious enough and “on its own would fall short.”

The report recommended that states “should move toward consistent regulatory frameworks based on licensing of firearm owners and registration of guns.” The publication also concluded that states should enact gun-rationing laws and coordinate efforts to enact further gun control.

In the early 2000s, Open Society also gave support to gun control groups such as the Million Mom March, the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence, New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, and Women Against Gun Violence. Further, the group funded various frivolous lawsuits against the gun industry, including a high-profile case brought by the NAACP.

In recent years, Soros’s anti-gun efforts have been eclipsed by those of another billionaire, former-New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. However, the Open Society continues to attack American gun owners.  Read more.

Hostility toward the 2nd Amendment is part and parcel with the groups that receive donations from Open Society, as well as board members of the group itself. Some of them, like activist Rebecca Peters, were instrumental in pushing the Australian gun ban/confiscation. Access to billions of dollars in funding guarantees a continual stream of anti-gun rhetoric and legislative pressure. We all need to be aware and vigilant to protect our Bill of Rights.

“The firearms industrial complex bastardized the Second Amendment for capital gain at the expense of thousands of American lives every year…This nation needs to be bold enough to reconsider our relationship to the Second Amendment.” Marlon Peterson, Open Society grantee

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