An Open Letter to Mr. Salcido of El Rancho High School From the Military/Veteran Community

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An Open Letter to Mr. Salcido of El Rancho High School in Pico Rivera, California, from the Military and the Veteran Community.

Is Mr. Salcido partly right?

Could it be that a 1% of the population is stupid by joining the military and serving a nation that places overpaid celebrities and Hollywood pedophiles on a pedestal? Are we really stupid by going through the most hardened physical and mental anguish to be part of the few and the proud to be part of something greater than one self? Even though all the cards are lined up against us? When we know that the VA is killing us every day.

How many Vietnam Veterans have died from Agent Orange? Where is the outrage? How many die from Gulf War Syndrome? How many from PTSD? Why are veterans more likely to die from cancer? The liberals love making movies about us with actors who have never served in the military or seen the light of combat, yet they disrespect our veterans and military any chance they get.

But not just the liberals, there are many companies who abuse the Veteran’s status by using wounded or combat veterans as props to sell their products and services, making millions of dollars and not paying those veterans what they deserve or anything at all. Are we too humble to stand up for ourselves or too stupid to think for ourselves?

What is it about our breed that continues to stand up for the weak and the cowards against enemies foreign and domestic, when a large portion of our population would rather we wouldn’t exist? Should I have to remind everyone that Mr. Salcido is just one voice out of thousands of teachers across America who think the same way? Teachers who day by day preach their poison to our children? Should I be angry with Mr. Salcido?

No, I am not angry, or at the students who laughed and agreed with his ignorant statement in the class. I am not angry at all, not anymore, not when our Veterans are being systematically killed at the VA.

Tell me, is Mr. Salcido partly right, that only a stupid person would give up his life for a society that breeds the type of parasite individuals like Mr. Salcido. Is it dumb or unintelligent to fight for people who piss on and burn the flag you sworn to protect? Yes, I know we fight for the men and the women next to us but what will happen to people like Mr. Salcido when the “stupid and dumb” military people, as Mr Salcido called us, no longer want to protect the oath of our constitution? What happens when the military no longer decides to protect anyone in the nation, or people like Mr. Salcido?

Tell me again why we protect such scum when our brothers and sisters die in foreign lands or come home with combat wounds, only to be overtaken by them years later in veteran suicide? What would Mr. Salcido know about courage? About selfless acts? He doesn’t even love himself let alone his own country or countrymen. He speaks like a true coward, selfish to the core, a student of the indoctrination, never risking anything for something greater when it’s easily handed to him.

See, not everyone person in America has the opportunity to go to free college. If you are black or brown and if you are illegal, it’s a plus… no whites allowed. Even then our military is filled with minorities but why is that? I suppose only a madman or a stupid man would escape the democratic slave plantation to go join the military.

The only way out of the liberal slums created by the Democrats, the pits of hell in Chicago ghettos or South LA, is to fight or die defending something greater than one self. Yes, I suppose only a madman, or a stupid man would place their lives first before a stranger like Mr. Salcido or others like him. The military isn’t for everyone, it’s for a few misguided children of Uncle Sam’s who don’t want to fit in a box.

I may not speak for everyone, but for me as a Cuban Communism survivor, it was a way for me to give something back to the country that has given me so many opportunities. Call me stupid all you want, but not every day a Cuban Communism survivor can stand tall and call himself proudly a US Marine by earning the title so many have failed to do, even by those who are born in this great country.

The military community is a brotherhood, a family, it is the very heart of our nation and why we exist as the #1 country of the world. Nothing is more stupid and ignorant than a man who’s unwilling to fight. Those kind of people would rather live in the chains of imprisonment than to risk a single day as free men.

Our Military gets to guard our president and every American Embassy around the world – an honor no one should take lightly. Our Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Guardsmen, and Coasties work tirelessly everyday to make sure we don’t turn into a shithole country. That’s an intelligent and smart undertaking… to guard the best country of the world from dumb stupid people like Mr. Salcido whose ignorance flourished under the Obama administration.

Undermining the awesomeness of military power will be a complete and unremarkable stupidity, which many of our enemies have learned the hard way. I suppose it is easier to plant the seed of ignorance to naïve children who don’t know better. We do not defend our military from Mr. Salcido’s remarks but instead are contributing to the debate.

I don’t need to defend myself from being a US Marine to Mr. Salcido or anyone else for that matter. As Ronald Reagan stated “Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they’ve made a difference. The Marines don’t have that problem.” As to our Veterans and our military, let Mr. Salcido’s remarks paint you a picture of what progressive liberalism and the Democrats think of our brotherhood and come election time, make sure you vote red and red only for those who support DONALD J TRUMP!

Rick Ferran
US Marine 3/7 Lima Co , 0311, CPL, 93-97



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  • B. Peeke

    Thank you for your service!! God bless ??

  • Ryan Moore

    SEMPER FI brother ….see this every day even in my own kin

  • Jim Sawyer

    Thank you Devil Dog. The best friends and greatest men I have known I served with in our Corps. May God bless and protect you and our Brothers in arms. Persons like this teacher deserve only our contempt.

  • Reese Roberts

    Very well said, and much more articulate for a “freakin’ lowest of the low” than the, oh so well educated Gregory Salcido.

    Thank you for your service and very proud that you are an American. Salcido is a stumbling, and no doubt, drugged out idiot, and the people of Pico Rivera should be ashamed of ever having voted someone of such low character into office. I hope the correct that when he comes up for re-election.

  • RM Cotton

    Salcido needs to be fired for failing to be impartial in the classroom. He sounds like another entitled individual who should be removed until he understands the American work ethic and has done 2 back to back tours in Afghanistan.

  • Max stritzel

    Amen Mr. Ferran. You do me proud the way you speak.

  • Caesar Ricci

    He should have been fired this morning.
    If this piece of trash is still teaching we have had our voice muffled.
    As a former 11b,Infantry. I had scores on the asvab at the time.I could have picked any mos.
    But I chose the infantry…
    Something That sad pos could have never done.
    Fire Him Now…
    Profanity like that should never be uttered as well.
    No Im not an angel,but children need to be raised with true care an teachers.
    Thank you Sir for a great article,an as the Army guy said above.
    Semper Fi to you …
    We defend , We protect ,We perish an the Thanks are few an far between…
    Red in the flag means one thing ,Remember that and stand for the
    Dont be afraid to raise the silent majority voice and Scream…
    Respect !!!

  • Debby Bennett

    Thank you Sir he is a bottom sucker hoorah ⚓️⚓️⚓️??????

  • Bill forf

    Just awesome thank you

  • Trey Kelley

    CPL Ferran,

    I want to first start by saying that you for making the decision to go to hell and back to earn the title of United States Marine. Semper Fi…..

    Though most of what you stated holds weight to it. We must remember the oath in which every man and woman that put on their respective branches uniforms recited. Individuals like Mr. Salcido will never truly understand and that’s ok. We swore to defend The Constitution and all that it stands for. To include empty individual’s right to speak out even if it is full of hate.

    As a Marine Veteran, a High School History/Government Teacher and a Academic Counselor; I know what our Armed Forces bring to the table, what opportunities are there as well as those areas that are lacking but I also know that no matter what Commander and Chief is in the big house we serve and fulfill their orders. We DO NOT get to choose to obey or not obey based on their political party. You have the right to choose which side you lean toward.
    But while you are wearing that EGA everyday you continue fight for the little guy.

    Good luck out there brother. Though I can no longer be in the field anymore my prayers are with y’all everyday. Keep your head on a swivel, come home safe and prove those that hate us wrong.

    USMC Veteran
    Odell “Trey” Kelley

    • Wayne Hawkins

      Semper Fi well said Marine

    • Alice

      One word for your well spoken response…” Exactly.”

  • Danny

    How sad and to think he’s teaches our Kid today. Well I can sum it up just by telling I enlisted in the 82nd Airborne unit at the age of 18 years old and one of the best moves I’ve ever made. Big biggest mistake this country has ever made was gettin rid of the Draft. And I believe he should be fired.

  • Kimber

    I bet Mr. Salcedo was put on administrative leave and is wishing it was a different day. I don’t always speak perfectly or eloquently but I attempt to curve my temper and my tongue around such impressional minds. As educators, wr are to lead by example, aspiring to something greater through our words and calls to action. What then were we asking if these students? To sit down, not carry on with a cap on in a classroom, to be respectful and mindful of others around us. Im questing Mr Salcedo has a family member or someone close, possibly that is in the military that he disagrees with, it could be his fear or resentment in his anger,so I won’t put down or discredit ability to teach adequately. He just didn’t think, and now he must pay the social price.

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