One NY Escapee Down- One to Go

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New York prison escapee Richard Matt was shot dead this afternoon by a Border Patrol Tactical Team involved in the intense three week manhunt. Authorities are still pursuing David Sweat.

Richard Matt had escaped from a Maximum Security prison, Clinton Correctional Facility. He was shot near two hunting cabins in Franklin County, New York, where he and his partner, David Sweat had been holed up.

A burglary call reported in the town of Malone, New York led police to that area. Authorities have not confirmed whether Matt was shot in Malone, but they do believe the men were travelling together out of necessity. He was shot the same day that authorities told media that they thought the men were headed to Canada.

 NY escapee

Richard Matt- deceased

Over 1,100 law enforcement officers have been pursuing leads in a densely wooded area west of the prison “with a high degree of confidence.” Officials found conclusive DNA evidence in the cabins – that evidence is being tested. The place where Matt was shot is about 40 miles from the prison.

The two workers arrested

Two prison workers have been arrested in connection with the escape.

Gene Palmer, 57, was arrested and charged with one count of promoting dangerous prison contraband, two counts of destroying evidence and one count of official misconduct.  He allegedly gave one  of the men a screwdriver and a wrench, and then took the tools home with him after the inmates used them to fix circuit breakers in the catwalks so they could escape. He had worked at the prison for 27 years.

Joyce Mitchell, a supervisor in the tailor shop at the prison was accused of putting hacksaw blades in the meat, then taking the meat to the freezer. Then she gave the meat to Palmer, who took it to the prisoners. According to protocol he should have run it through the metal detector, but failed to do so. According to other allegations, Ms. Mitchell was purportedly having sex with David Sweat, something she denies.


police comb the dense forest inch by inch looking for the remaining fugitive – Screenshot, CNN

On the run


David Sweat is still on the run

It’s only a matter of time before David Sweat is killed or captured.

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