One Man Left Behind- Epic Fail for US (Warning graphic)

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one man left behind

Will it be too late for other interpreters? Photo from the Association of Afghan Interpreters

Sakhidad Afghan was an  interpreter for American Military- Marines and Air Force – in Afghanistan since 2008. After applying for a U.S. visa under a program for at-risk interpreters, he languished on the list for 4 years. He never got his visa, because the Taliban kidnapped him at a bazaar this spring. He was tortured and killed. Sakhidad is one man left behind. And he is not alone.

 “According to [the ANA’s] information, the Taliban captured Sakhidad from a bazaar in Farah…From a trailer truck they tortured for awhile, then killed him. He introduced himself as Abdul Hamid, but that couldn’t save his life.” Arif Rahmani, member of Afghanistan Parliament


One man left behind- Sakhidad Afghan- Arif Rahmani Facebook post

Epic fail for the SIV program

The Special Immigrant Visa program that was intended to help interpreters who assist the military leaves them in political limbo for years.  It also leaves them in extreme peril, not only in Afghanistan but in Iraq as well. These men have formed an association called the Association of Left Behind Afghan Interpreters because their lives are at risk on a daily basis. And time is running out for many of them.

“Taliban killed Afghan by chasing him. I am sure they are tracking me too and they will kill me also one day.” Anonymous interpreter who has been on the “list” since 2011.

One man left behind

Sakhidad worked with the US Marines in Marjah in 2010. According to the Managing Editor of the Free Beacon, he always said he wanted to become a Marine. In 2011, he ran in the US Marine Corps Marathon at Camp Leatherneck, and finished in under 4 hours and 50 minutes. Those who worked with him said he was as brave as any Marine.

Later he moved to the US Air Force, but still wore parts of clothing from his Marine Corps assignment. The Marines were in his heart…

“I am deeply afraid of the current situation 2014…If I go to the U.S.A I think I will be safe. Right now it looks like, the disaster is coming in the country… I was always loyal to U.S.A and never betray its mission. I am absolutely sure that I have deserved an approved visa for United States.” Sakhidad, July 9, 2014 email

The visa process for these men who help our fighting forces is too slow. According to advocacy groups, it is likely that more of the interpreters have been murdered, but learning of their fate is difficult.

These are men who helped us – and they as well as their families are in extreme danger. We are leaving them behind. Our nation must honor our word – that we will protect and help them. An organization called “No One Left Behind” has been working to help Iraqi and Afghani interpreters obtain their visas.  But when the wheels of the immigration service are so slow, the danger is overwhelming. Sakhidad paid a horrible price for the long wait.

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  • Vicky

    Lets see, this brave important man languished on the list of the Special Immigrant Visa program for heroes like him, since 2008. That's the year Obama stole the presidency. How many muslim terrorists and sympathizers, who salivate at the thought of butchering Americans, has Obama flooded our country with since then? Thousands, tens of thousands? While men who risk their lives to help our troops, our country, our people are left to suffer torture and die waiting for the US to fulfull it's promise of rescuing them after placing them in dire jeopardy.
    This makes me sick to my stomach. The injustice is breathtaking.

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