Omar Says 9-11 was just “Some People Did Something.” Newsweek puts Her On Their Cover

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Rep Ilhan Omar continues to generate major controversy, after a video of her remarks at a recent CAIR event surfaced in which she described 9-11 as “some people did something.” Does murdering nearly 3,000 people count as “something?” For her remarks of anti-Semitism and Jew-hatred, Newsweek put her on their cover with the notation that she is “changing the conversation” on Israel.

Update: on April 11, the NEw York Post took issue with Omar’s remarks with their cover:

Yeah, working hard to produce anti-Jewish sentiments within the Democrat party. But her remarks about 9-11 did not go unnoticed, and several called her out for them. Rep Dan Crenshaw, Donald Trump Jr, and GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel among the many others.

Yes, Omar called one of Trump’s Jewish advisers, Richard Miller, a “white nationalist.” She continues to spew and despite the petition that is calling for her removal from Congress, she’s still there thanks to Democrat cowards who won’t do anything real. The so-called censure of her anti-Semitism turned out the opposite because of that cowardice.

Omar is also a former “acolyte” (according to the NY Post) of Louis Farrakhan who is a notorious anti-Semite. Did you know that she believes that Jews have mind control abilities and are evil? Then there’s her “fan,” Farrakhan, who specifically told her not to apologize for her anti-Semitic comments about AIPAC.

Her latest stupidity arose when she asked Donald Trump to help free a Muslim Brotherhood leader when Egyptian President Al-Sisi visited the White House this week. Egypt considers the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization.

She is beginning to tread on thin ice with her rhetoric. Guess we’ll see what happens.

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  • Jerald

    What is wrong with our government to let a person like this remain. She’s a traitor. I’m so ashamed of what this country has become.

  • Annie Kate

    You & me both, Jerald…..we are letting people into the hallowed halls of our government that hate our country, it’s people and our rule of law and will do anything to bring it down…can’t believe that people can’t see what’s happening right before their eyes!!

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