Olympic Shooting Medalist Joins Lawsuit Against California Bullet Law

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Remember that California law requiring background checks everytime someone wants to buy bullets, and banned direct mail ammunition? We previously reported that 6 time Olympic Shooting Medalist Kim Rhode was not happy about it. Now she has joined a lawsuit by several out of state ammunition retailers, the California NRA affiliate, and others. (Kim is on the 75 member NRA board, according to Bearing Arms). She is the first woman to medal in 6 straight Olympics.

I shoot 500 to 1,000 rounds a day, so having to do a background check every time I purchase ammo, or every time I want to bring ammo in or out of a competition or a match, those are very challenging for me. Also, I’ve had guns in my family for generations that have been passed down, and now I’m going to register them as assault weapons. And they will not be passed on to my son, or to me from my father. It definitely does effect me and gives me a reason to speak out more.”  Kim Rhode in 2016  

The California law bans direct mail order ammunition sales.  The lawsuit states that the law violates interstate commerce by making such heavy restrictions on ammunition. Of course, this is California we’re talking about. Their excessive gun restrictions violate the 2nd Amendment in numerous ways.

From the Complaint:

“In 2016, California enacted a sweeping series of criminal statutes that
place unprecedented and overreaching restraints on the purchase and sale of
2. These statutes (collectively, the “Challenged Provisions”) will ban
millions of constitutionally protected ammunition transfers and heavily burden countless millions more.
3. Among other effects, the Challenged Provisions completely ban direct
mail order ammunition purchases, implement a costly vendor-licensing system, subjects countless of ammunition purchases to a burdensome registration scheme, place numerous restrictions on ammunition vendors, and impose multiple costly fees and prohibitive price increases on ammunition purchasers.
4. One effect of the Challenged Provisions is to block any out-of-state
ammunition vendor from the California market unless it pays an in-state business to broker the sale, thereby discriminating against out-of-state economic interests, impermissibly regulating out-of-state transactions, and otherwise burdening interstate commerce in violation of the Dormant Commerce Clause. These excessive restraints on the purchase, sale, and transfer of ammunition also violate individuals’ right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment.”



Featured image: screenshot via Bearing Arms

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