Oliver North vs Wayne LaPierre – Gun Rights Cannot Afford Division in the Camp

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The NRA became embroiled in an internal power struggle between President Oliver North and Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre, according to Fox. But gun rights advocates cannot afford these kind of antics at a time when Democrats are proposing serious left wing ideas in hopes of gaining ground against guns. And they are making headway in many states. Only a united front can stop them…and it appears that such a united front is beginning to crumble with the public display of struggle.

LaPierre accused North of extorting him by attempting to force him to resign. North believes that the NRA’s finances are a mess and accused the organization of financial misconduct. LaPierre believes that part of the problem is their long time advertising firm: Ackerman McQueen, which has allegedly overbilled the NRA, and has ties to Oliver North. A lawsuit against Ackerman McQueen was filed in March.

“Yesterday evening, I was forced to confront one of those defining choices — styled, in the parlance of extortionists — as an offer I couldn’t refuse. I refused it… the letter would not be sent — if I were to abruptly resign. He stated that he could ‘negotiate’ an ‘excellent retirement’ for me.” Wayne LaPierre

LaPierre has stated previously that the original message (gun safety and the outdoors) of the NRA had been driven off course by the advertising firm. Oliver North will not run for second term as president of the NRA and essentially walked away.

Wayne LaPierre has been the “face” of the NRA for years. Oliver North has been a board member for years, but President only a short year. According to reporter Tim Mak who was at the NRA meeting, the division was palpable. Members felt they weren’t heard during the meeting.

A motion was made to oust Wayne LaPierre as CEO. But the NRA membership was very supportive of him and the motion was voted down.

“I’ve seen some shit, but I’ve never seen shit like this.” NRA member

The power struggle isn’t only between North and LaPierre- it has to do with NRATV, which is run by the advertising firm Ackerman McQueen. The station has drifted far from the original purpose, delving into right wing politics instead of keeping it centered on gun rights.

The power struggle within the N.R.A. is an abrupt escalation of a legal battle between the organization and Ackerman McQueen. The Times reported earlier this year that prominent members of the N.R.A. board had grown dismayed at the performance of Ackerman because of its NRATV online media service, which has drifted into right-wing politics far beyond gun rights. Ackerman employs Mr. North, who hosts an NRATV series called “American Heroes.” “

Crooks and Liars website

What matters now is that gun rights advocates can ill afford to be in the game for themselves. They must unite to fight against people who view the 2nd amendment as “outdated because the British aren’t shooting at us anymore.” These opponents’ knowledge of history is lame. Their common sense is lacking. Their ability to actually think above their desire to disarm Americans is nonexistent. We must have focused leadership to save our gun rights.

Whether this issue was caused by too much power, too much money, or some other personal conflict, it must stop and stop now. Left wingers have targeted the NRA for several years and have succeeded in causing harm to their organization. With this turmoil, their reputation suffers even more.

Always keep in mind that the plans of the left include destruction from the inside out.

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  • Roy Covington

    This is a shame! The N.R.A. is starting to compromise with the liberals, including but not limited to the bump stock ban.
    We, as citizens MUST NOT allow any more ban of anything to do with disarming us. Members are the backbone of the N.R.A. and the N.R.A. leadership, whoever it may be, need to stop selling out!!!

  • Janet

    Gun rights and politics go hand-in-hand. Simply advocating for gun rights while the Left enacts legislation to limit those rights is NOT going to secure our 2A Constitutional guarantees. Might as well piss in the wind while more states enact the VERY unconstitutional Red Flag laws.

    If the NRA wants to secure our gun rights, then they should be instituting a full court press against Red Flag laws and fight it all the way to the SCOTUS.

    They are NOT listening to their rank and file members and their rank and file members are getting pretty pissed off and Wayne LaPierre is not popular among them.

    I dropped my NRA membership and joined Gun Owners of America (GOA). At least they are fighting against the Left’s anti 2A politics.

  • Dabov

    For years (at least since the Clinton administration) I have believed that the LEFT has been sowing the NRA with ‘anti’s’ in an effort to destroy from within, and have stated so in correspondence to NRA. IMO, ‘someone’ with integrity with in the NRA leadership should clue in members like me who don’t know what the heck is going on.. and, be honest/truthful about it. I, for on, will remain LOYAL to NRA as it is the BEST means we have to support our Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment -which protects all the others. Accusations are flying back and forth about WHO is MILKING the organization and it is time ‘bad actors’ cease and desist from this conduct and get us back on track. ‘UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL’!

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