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An Ole Miss student was arrested during the University’s football game against the University of Memphis Tigers after brandishing the Mississippi State Flag.

Left Wing America

As I sit here and listen to the Vice Presidential debate I can’t help but think how America came to this. In the new left wing America we arrest college students for waving their state flag (but not for being liberal, drunk or ignorant). That’s right, the police arrested a college student, Dylan Wood, at a college football game, at a college, because he waved a flag. Apparently he was too much of a rebel for the venerable southern college:

Once outside, though, Wood said a security guard told him he would have to agree never to bring the state flag with him to another Ole Miss game or run the risk of being arrested. When Wood asked if he would truly be arrested for carrying the state’s flag, prompting the officer to spin him around and arrest him on the spot, taking him off to the local jail.


It’s incredible and terrifying this happened in America where freedom of speech and expression are enshrined in our laws, in our very Constitution. It’s even more outrageous that a police officer could be so ignorant of our laws and our fundamental freedoms.

I sincerely hope this student sues everyone involved, up and down the line for this egregious violation of his basic freedom of expression. Yet there is more going on here than a simple disorderly conduct arrest.

Today’s thought police

How did America get here? Today we live in an America where left wing thought police are scrubbing our history of anything they deem “offensive” or politically incorrect. They want to re-write American history and our laws to reflect their delusional and unhinged vision of an alternate reality.

They’re doing this at all levels of society- in the workplace where merely uttering the wrong phrase can be cause to have you brought before a political Commissar, (the human resources rep).

They’re doing it on college campuses where leftist students disrupt and shut down conservative rallies and threaten conservative speakers. Weak students are forced to censor their speech and thought in some cases out of fear for their personal well-being.

They’re doing it in the streets where mob violence (courtesy of the domestic terror group “Black Lives Matter”) has raged in major American cities unchecked because the police have been so decimated and neutered by their leftist leadership, they are powerless to react. It’s not a surprise when we get quotes like this from the incompetent Mayor of Baltimore Stephanie Rawlings-Blake at the height of the Baltimore riots:

“It’s a very delicate balancing act. Because while we try to make sure that they were protected from the cars and other things that were going on, we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well”. Mayor of Baltimore Stephanie Rawlings-Blake

Culture wars

At this point most sensible police officers are more concerned with making it through their shifts and going home safely than they are about getting involved in an incident that could cost them their careers or even their lives. Public policy coming down from so many left wing administrations is clearly on the side of those who are causing social mayhem.

This is just the latest skirmish in the larger cultural war being waged in America. It isn’t just a slightly over-sized flag they are concerned with at Ole Miss. It’s ANYTHING they deem culturally inappropriate, politically incorrect or offensive:ole-miss

Although Wood’s flag was slightly larger than the permitted size, he said the flag issue has never been a problem in the past six years he has been attending Ole Miss football games. “This was never a problem until Ole Miss stopped playing ‘Dixie,’” Woods told Breitbart Texas.

In a further restriction of freedom of speech, Ole Miss banned the SINGING of “Dixie”. That’s correct, the left’s cultural stormtroopers have forced people to stop singing a song that has long been part of their CULTURE. To the left the only culture that matters is the culture they ALLOW you to have. There can only be ONE culture and they get to dictate what it is. They are truly dangerous.

The University of Mississippi announced back in August that it was bending to politically correct standards and would cease to play “Dixie,” an iconic song for Ole Miss fans, in order to be more “inclusive,”.

The left wing, liberal Ministry of Culture decided to alienate thousands of people who revere their culture, their heritage and their traditions in order to become more ‘inclusive’. This insanity is part and parcel of liberal ideology and we shouldn’t be laughing at it.

The intimidation – cultural repression

We need to stop right here and understand something- Liberalism is about one thing, absolute and total control. In order to control our behavior they must control how we think and speak first. If you are afraid to think something, if you are afraid to say something, you will most certainly be afraid to act in a certain way, to resist.

These are intimidation tactics designed to marginalize those who would dare challenge left wing ideology. It’s the same mentality that demands we accept people who declare themselves “trans-gendered” even though there is no such thing as changing your gender no matter how much plastic surgery you get. They use excuses like “the flag is too big” to justify their cultural repression:

Wood said the flag is being targeted by security at Ole Miss games, telling Breitbart Texas that other students had their stickers with the Mississippi state flag on them removed before entering the game.

We can clearly see the Orwellian work going on here. Not only are flags and songs deemed “inappropriate” but stickers on your PERSON are also being confiscated. College campuses are supposed to be free speech and free thought zones above all else.

Intellectual gulags

Today they are intellectual gulags where nonaligned thought goes to die in the name of false concepts like “diversity” “inclusion” and “social justice”. America needs us now more than ever. I don’t know what it will take before we begin taking these situations seriously. I’m afraid by the time we do we may be in a boxcar on the way to a camp. We all know how this ends.

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