Oklahoma Permitless Carry Took Effect Nov 1

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On November 1, the Oklahoma Permitless Carry law took effect. The new law allows anyone who is not a prohibited person over 21 to carry a firearm without a permit – openly or concealed. Anyone under 21 who is in the military may also carry without a permit.

Oklahoma became the 15th state to adopt permitless carry (or “Constitutional Carry”) legislation. We wrote back in February that the committee it was referred to sent it on to the floor of the legislature, and that Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt promised to sign it. He did sign it.

Opponents attempted to obtain an emergency ruling from the court to stop implementation of the law, but the Oklahoma Supreme Court shot it down on Thursday (pun intended).

KOCO reported what the new law does not change:

  • It does not allow for people to carry in more places — you still can’t carry in schools, casinos and government buildings unless they allow it, or on private property where the owner says no
  • It does not change background check requirements for some sales of firearms
  • It doesn’t change the law that you can’t own a gun if you have a felony conviction

The full text of this law is found here.

Opponents of permitless carry always attempt to tell the public that any state the adopts it has become “the wild west.” (Yes, Oklahoma was part of the West at that time). But in actual fact that does not happen, and the left constantly claims those things, even when the legislature passed open carry and concealed carry laws.

Keep in mind when you look at gun death statistics, you are not seeing the number of people who have been saved by gun owners. Often the left skews the results of the death stats by including deaths that are not due to criminal violence.

The allegation that ‘anyone can buy a gun now’ is totally incorrect, according to Dave Workman.  Purchasers are still subject to background checks. The allegation that ‘anyone can carry a gun now’ is also false, since the law specifies that felons still cannot be in possession of a firearm, as well as those with misdemeanor domestic violence convictions.

Oklahoma has joined the movement toward the Constitution instead of away from it.


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