Oklahoma Democrats Want to Repeal Permitless Carry, and Other 2A items

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Oklahoma Democrats Jason Lowe (District 97) and Jason Dunnington (District 88) are hoping to alter Oklahoma’s gun friendly atmosphere.  House Bill 2940  seeks to ban large capacity magazines on handguns, prohibits certain bullets, and declares a state of emergency. House Bill 3357 seeks to repeal Oklahoma’s permitless carry legislation from 2018, and HB 3897 repeals the right to walk into a restaurant with a long barreled rifle. Oklahoma became one of the many states that passed the permitless carry measure in 2018. It allows citizens of the state to carry firearms without a license or permit…which appears to grind on Democrats.

Both bills are authored by Oklahoma Democrats, and are set to have their first reading on February 3, 2020.

HB 2940

Authored by Jason Dunnington (D-88), this bill prohibits the possession  and manufacture of “restricted bullets” and any large capacity magazines on a handgun. It instantly makes anyone who possesses them guilty of a felony- with from $500 to $10,000 fine and up to 10 years in prison. There is a short grandfather clause for those who possess the items prior to enactment of the law.

The bill does not state exactly what will happen to those who legally own such items after the law goes into effect. It simply prohibits possession and manufacture after it does.

HB 3357 and HB 3897

Rep Jason Lowe is an attorney who prefiled both for a repeal of Oklahoma’s permitless carry and banning long guns from restaurants. He claims that it has caused mental health problems to have people with guns in a restaurant, and allowing people to carry around guns is not “common sense.” He filed a lawsuit against the law in 2019, but the courts rejected his arguments.

“There is no doubt in my mind that if people got to vote on whether firearm safety training should be necessary to carry a firearm in public, where our children are, permitless carry would not be the law.” Jason Lowe in KOCO

Seriously. Democrats are living in a world of total fear.

“Having patrons carry long-barrel firearms into a restaurant isn’t good for business or the mental health of the restaurant’s patrons. Oklahomans, especially children, veterans suffering from PTSD, people suffering from mental illness, should have the ability to enter a restaurant in Oklahoma and not feel threatened or endangered by the presence of military-style weapons.” Jason Lowe to Patch.com

There it is, folks, the hysteria promoted by anti-gunners that claims law-abiding citizens carrying firearms is a danger to everyone.

Some of the comments on HB 2940 were priceless:

“What part of “…shall not be infringed” does Jason Dunnington not understand? The 2A restricts government, not we the people. Perhaps Jason needs to be voted out. And not just him, all democrats need to be voted out. Eyes are on virginia right now.” Steven

“How about tougher sentences for those criminals committing crimes with a firearm, or caught in possession of a firearm?
Instead of releasing them and commuting sentences.
This bill does nothing except burden law abiding citizens with another useless infringement on OUR RIGHTS. seems that is all Democrats like yourself, are good for these days.” Gary

Featured photo of Oklahoma Statehouse via wikipedia


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  • Charles V. Swenson

    We have seen the results of what Democratically controlled states such as California, Washington, Oregon, Massachusetts, and New Jersey (among others) have done as related to the regulation of firearms.
    We can see the changes that are occurring in states such as Texas, Colorado, and Virginia (among others) where people from Democratically controlled states have relocated to.
    We have seen the statistical data of firearm violence in cities and states that heavily regulate firearms versus those that do not . . . and our decision has been that the people of the great State of Oklahoma will NOT supplant nor violate the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution of the Republic of the United States.

  • Douglas Black

    It’s guaranteed by the constitution. They are violating their oath of office by trying to repeal our right to bear arms! Vote them out!

  • Dennis

    There is no way this needs to be on the agenda for the up coming session. This is just another waste of money by the gun grabbing democrats. They will continue to chip away at our rights little by little till the 2nd A is no longer. Don’t be mistaken they liberal gun grabbers are patient they know they will never be able to have a sweeping gun confiscation or repeal of the 2a so they will chip away little by little on the name of compromise with Republicans. Don’t negotiate with anyone who want to restrict your 2a in anyway weather it is reduced magazine, bump stock,open carry ect… don’t believe or negotiate with these snakes.

    • Mike Schrader

      I see people say “Vote them out” all the time but, I wonder, if 2A says “govt shall not infringe” (And it does) and they set about to infringe, couldn’t they be impeached? Or recall them? I’m just curious.

  • Mimi mckown

    Time to stand up against unrightousness

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