Oklahoma Committee Passes Permitless Carry, Gov promises to Sign it

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The Oklahoma Legislature passed permitless carry in 2018, but then Governor Mary Fallin, a Republican, vetoed it. Now Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt, also a Republican, says he will sign it if the legislature passes it again. It passed the Public Safety Committee this week.

The Bill, HB 2579, would make Oklahoma the 15th state to adopt the right to carry a firearm concealed or not concealed without a permit.

According to Breitbart, last year’s similar legislation
passed the Oklahoma House on April 25, 2018, by a vote of 59-28. It passed the Senate on May 2, 2018, by a vote of  33 to 9.” 

Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota, West Virginia, Wyoming, and Vermont currently do not require a permit to carry.

To be very clear to the panicked liberals, these laws do not remove the Federal requirements for background checks on gun purchasers that have been in place for many years. They simply remove the requirement for a state license. If someone commits a crime with a gun, they are still subject to the criminal code.

Naturally “Moms Demand Action” is dismayed that these bills are even coming up in state legislatures and have vowed to fight them. AWR HAwkins noted for Breitbart:

 “Christine Jackson of Oklahoma’s Moms Demand Action said it is “disheartening” that she and her fellow gun controllers have to fight against permitless carry again.”

71 Republic reported,

Constitutional Carry allows for the unlicensed purchase and carry of a handgun. This legislation removes the government mandated training which is part of the carry permit process. Many supporters in Oklahoma have expressed that the government mandated training is unnecessary, as most people will get training regardless of any law.

Stitt has expressed that business owners will still retain the right to ban the carry of firearms on their property. Obviously, carry will also be prohibited in public buildings, professional sporting events, casinos, and schools.

The divide in our nation between pro-gun states and anti-gun states seems to be growing wider. Where will it lead?

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  • Randy Wildman

    Now hopefully Texas will follow.

  • William Kevin Knight

    I see no need to pay the state government for something that is a constitutional right.

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