OK and CO Narrowly Miss Constitutional Carry Bills

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Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin vetoed a Constitutional Carry bill that passed both their House and Senate, according to Fox News. In Colorado, a Constitutional Carry bill failed in the House after it passed their Senate. They would have followed 11-12 other states that have passed similar legislation.


Gov. Fallin has vetoed gun bills in the past, so some were concerned about that she would do with the Constitutional Carry bill that sailed through the House 59-28 and Senate 33-9. We previously reported on its progress through the House. It is unclear if they will attempt to override her veto. At issue was the removal of the requirements for background checks and training.

The Governor issued the following statement:

“Oklahoma is a state that respects the Second Amendment. As governor, I have signed both concealed-carry and open-carry legislation. I support the right to bear arms and own a pistol, a rifle, and a shotgun.

Oklahomans believe that law-abiding individuals should be able to defend themselves. I believe the firearms requirement we current have in state law are few and reasonable. Senate Bill 1212 eliminates the training requirements for persons carrying a firearms in Oklahoma. It reduces the level of the background check necessary to carry a gun.

SB 1212 eliminates the current ability of Oklahoma law enforcement to distinguish between those carrying guns who have been trained and vetted, and those who have not.

Again, I believe the firearms laws we currently have in place are effective, appropriate and minimal, and serve to reassure our citizens that people who are carrying handguns in this state are qualified to do so.”


Colorado has, in recent years, been growing more and more progessive. When the state Senate approved carrying concealed without a permit by just one vote (18-17), (SB 18-097) it was almost a given that the House would dump the measure.

According to KOAA,

“It then moved into the House committee for discussion, put instead of voting on the measure, the the State, Veterans and Military Affairs committee voted 6-3 for a reverse roll call. Ending any further discussion on the matter this session.

It was doubtful the measure would pass any readings in the full House or if Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper would have signed it into law.”

So carrying a concealed weapon without a permit is dead in both Oklahoma and  Colorado.  Some have called permitless carry “dangerous” to law enforcement because it doesn’t let police know that the person carrying the gun has been trained or not. Newsflash: criminals don’t follow the law, regardless of whether or ot a permit is required.


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