Ohio Teen Holds American Flag Off the Ground Until Help Arrives

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Continental, Ohio – Ohio teen Cole Dotson happened to be driving by the school where his grandmother works on Sunday, when he saw the American flag lying on the ground. He instinctively stopped the car and held it up until help arrived.

Cleveland19 reported that Cole was not only taught in scouting that the flag should never touch the ground, he comes from a military family and understands respect.

When your son calls his grandmother and says he has a problem….it’s usually not good. This is where she found him this morning. The flag fell to the ground, he saw it, stopped and held it until someone from school could come and put it back up. Proud of you Cole Dotson! ❤️????There is hope for America! ooh rah!‪#‎bleedingredwhite‬&blue   Cole Dotson’s Mom-  Rhonda Ordway Pester.

Loving America

Dotson says he didn’t intend to get so much attention from doing what he did. He just loves America.

“I love this flag and this country. God bless America.” Cole Dotson

While his picture on his own Facebook page got 100 likes and 60 shares from this photo in the first two hours, it has been shared 912 times so far from the news page, and 600 times from his Mom’s page. The picture was taken by his grandmother as she drove up to the school after he called.

Cole plans to go into the military when he finishes Vantage Career Center in Van Werts, Ohio. Maybe there really is hope for America!

Facebook comments:

The comments and praise for this act of respect are amazing from his page to his Mom’s page to Cleveland19. Some from the news page are here:

Yancy: His parents should be very proud of him, not many adults would even do this, this young man respects his country and it’s flag! May God bless this young man in his journey through life!

Dawn: What a good thing! How many people drove by and did nothing?? WIth all the negative reports about young people today, it’s nice to show that there are kids still being raised with respect and pride!

Jon: WOW
There may indeed be hope for this country. If more kids were raised/acted like this kid we would ALL be better off.

Terry: You’re an awesome young man Mr. Dotson. On behalf of all true Americans and Veterans thank you!!

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