Ohio School Shooter In Custody

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Columbus – A 17 year old Ohio senior, who has not been identified, is in custody after a school shooting early Friday morning. One student was injured by a random shot and is reported to be in critical but stable condition. Authorities say the outcome could have been much worse had it not been for the heroics of school staff.

Early Friday morning of January 20, 2017 classes were just beginning at West Liberty High School. That was when students heard as what they described as an “odd noise.” The confusion was due to the construction that was taking place on the school campus at the time.

One student, Senior Ashley Rabenstein, told reporters she was in class just down the hall at the time. She described the scene of her teacher checking the hallway, running back and informing them of the shooter. The teacher then began to throw desks against the door attempting to create a blockade. Students were able to escape through a window into a cornfield where they met at nearby houses.

“Especially in … such a small town like this, where you pretty much know everyone who lives in the town, you just never think that stuff like this is going to happen,” said Rabenstein, trying to put her shock into words.

West Liberty-Salem Local School District Superintendent Kraig Hissong, says students and teachers followed their emergency training, which includes barricading themselves in classrooms.

“This is one of those things that you always see happen in places that aren’t near you, and you don’t think it’s going to occur,” Hissong said. “Of course when they happen closer, such as some of the shootings that occurred within the last year, it helps you take notice and remember that you need to be prepared for a moment like this.”

He added: “I can’t say how pleased I am with how staff and students handled this today.”

Yet, while most were escaping the way of harm, one student was not so fortunate.

Early reports stated that the shooter fired randomly into a bathroom window, where a student had been shot. He was identified as Logan Cole, a 16 year old junior, who was the only reported victim that morning. He was rushed to the hospital and is said to be in a critical, but stable condition. Cole was described as a good student, and in a forgiving statement, his family asked for prayers for not only Cole, but for the shooter and his family as well.

 “We are certain they have been deeply hurt as well,” the statement read. “We are confident that God has a purpose and plan through this tragedy.”

According to CNS, by the time police arrived, school staff already had the shooter pinned down, putting to an end the possibility of an even more tragic outcome. For that authorities are grateful.

“As tragic as this situation is, we are very, very fortunate,” prosecutor Kevin Talebi said. “It could have been much worse. I’m very, very thankful that, as bad as it is, it didn’t escalate to a much more tragic incident.”

The 17 year old shooter is in custody and faces charges of felonious assault. Authorities say an initial hearing is scheduled for Monday.

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