Officer Michael Langsdorf – Executed While Face Down on the Floor

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Wellston, MO – North County Police Cooperative, a newer police department near St Louis, Missouri lost a veteran officer on Sunday. Officer Michael Langsdorf was called to Clay’s Wellston Food Market for a report of a bad check. (Blue Lives Matter). It was his last call. The suspect shot him in the back of the head after a struggle.

The incident was caught on security video. The North County Police Cooperative stated that the incident occurred at around 4:30 p.m. on Sunday, when the Food Market called to advise that someone had just tried to pass a bad check.

Officer Langsdorf arrived and confronted the suspect, identified as Bonette Kymbrelle Meeks, 26.

“He confronted this person that was trying to pass the bad check, and during that confrontation a struggle ensued… the entire incident was captured on surveillance video…

“Officer Langsdorf and the suspect…Bonette Kymbrelle Meeks…had a struggle on the floor. At some point, Officer Langsdorf was on top of Meeks. I don’t know how looking at the (surveillance) video Mr. Meeks was able to do it, but he was able to pull a gun from his waistband, strike Officer Langsdorf in the side of the head a few times, which caused Officer Langsdorf to be in kind of a daze and lose his hold on Mr. Meeks,” Martin continued.

“Mr. Meeks was able to stand up and stand over Officer Langsdorf as Officer Langsdorf was on the ground, face down, stomach down. Mr. Meeks had the gun in his hand. Pointed the gun to the back of Officer Langsdorf’s head and fired one shot.”

The bullet hit him in the back of the neck, travelled down his spinal cord and out his chest. He was transported to the hospital, where he was pronounced deceased.

Meeks then fled the scene and was arrested later with the gun still in his possession. It was not reported stolen, and police were investigating where it originated.

A store employee took a disturbing cell phone video of the incident as well, showing the officer bleeding out on the ground. She posted it on social media, but it has been removed. She was cooperative, according to police. Another employee ran to his aid and another called police.

The suspect has an extensive and violent criminal record in North Carolina.

Officer Michael Langsdorf, 40

Langsdorf was a St Louis Police officer for 17 years before transferring to North County Police Cooperative. He had only been with the NCPC for 3 months. Prior to his law enforcement career, he was a firefighter.

Officer Langsdorf leaves behind two children and a fiance, “parents and an enormous amount of friends and family.”

Here is the emotional police news conference:

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  • usmcm14

    They never should have arrested him Immediate summary execution and then kill the first 50 rioters that show up on the streets afterwards and sit back and watch the rest crawl back in their holes !!!! There Is No CureFor Rabid Dogs And They All Need To Be Put Down !!!

  • Jarhead As Well

    What he said.^ Semper Fi

    • Al


  • Brian Montgomery

    Execute the suspect the same way he murdered the officer ! Nothing more than PUBLIC SERVICE !! People like this man don’t deserve to live off of taxpayers for the rest of their lives ! What about the vixtims family ?

  • Ruth Flores

    It’s too bad another officer wasn’t there to shoot him in self defence and save us some time and money!
    But we’re a civil society and he has a right to a trial. Then execute him! And don’t wait 20 years to do it! What was this violent felon doing back on the street anyway?

  • M.Foresmsn

    In Thailand this would have ended years ago.The first time he broke the law he would of received a ASS WHOOPING so intense he would not be able to walk barely for 6 mos with a warning if you come back again you will die.Hanging him by his feet naked and beating him with in a inch of his life will either teach him or arrange a meeting with Almighty God

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