The Odessa Memorial to Chris Kyle – Still a Hero

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The Odessa Memorial to Chris Kyle – Still a Hero

Odessa, Texas is  “American Sniper” Chris Kyle’s hometown. On Thursday, July 28, a ceremony was held to unveil a statue commemorating their hometown hero.

The bronze statue sits in a granite-limestone plaza named for Mr. Kyle.

“Chris felt the calling to pick himself up and then to reach out and help his fellow veterans whenever he could. He wanted to help those who could not help themselves. He had character, and character seldom fades.” KDC Associates, memorial designers

Taya Kyle believes that Chris Kyle Plaza will be a place where veterans come to heal.

They even purchased trees from President Bush’s Crawford Ranch to go around the memorial.

Still a hero

The left wing rag “Intercept” published an account that called into question Chris Kyle’s actual number of medals, which we previously reported. They sent an FOIA request to the Navy, demanding that they investigate because they only found 1 silver star and 3 bronze stars. His original DD-214 listed 2 silver Stars and 6 Bronze Stars.

The Navy investigated and did revise his total: 1 silver Star, and 4 Bronze Stars with V for Valor.

It makes no difference whatsoever. His original did not reflect an earned Navy Expert Rifle medal, either. That was corrected in the new version as well.


Screenshot of Chris Kyle Statue from Fox Insider- Brooke Adams

Medals are given to service members who exhibit courage – Chris Kyle did so throughout his military career, and saved countless American lives.  Honor is given to those who have the valor- the courage – to move toward danger instead of retreat from it. It doesn’t matter whether he had one or three hundred, he earned every one.

A few leftist jerks wrote negative comments under Taya Kyle’s posts, taunting her about the medal issue and calling him a fraud. He was never that. And for all those communist-loving left-wing cowards who have never been in any kind of combat…

Chris Kyle is STILL a hero!

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