Oceanside, NY -Teens Stand Around Recording While Young Man Stabbed To Death.

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Oceanside, NY – Tyler Flach, 18, stabbed Khaseen Morris, 16, to death in front of between 50 and 70 people on Monday. Not one of them lifted a finger to help him. (Fox) But they did get a lot of video, some of which was posted to social media.

Khaseen Morris and Tyler Flach had an altercation at a strip mall near Oceanside High School over a girl. But with all the people watching, none of them even tried to help Morris. He was stabbed in the chest and later died from the wound. It’s a sad commentary on today’s society that a cell phone video is more important than a life.

“Kids stood there and didn’t help Khaseen. They’d rather video. They videoed his death instead of helping him.” Detective Lt. Stephen Fitzpatrick to Newsday

The altercation came after Khaseen walked Flach’s ex-girlfriend home after a party last Sunday. Flach and a group of friends went looking for him to confront him. Police are now looking for the group of 6 or 7 males that confronted Morris.

Khaseen, a senior at Oceanside High School, was not armed when he was stabbed.

Flach has a criminal history – in May of this year he was arrested in a road rage incident for assault, and has one pending drug charge.

Flach’s attorney claims to have evidence that “completely changes” the narrative of this incident. He has requested that Flach be held in protective custody because Morris may have ties to the Bloods street gang. (News 12)

“Tyler strongly maintains his innocence and he took the responsible step of self-surrendering to eventually clear his name. At the appropriate time, we will release vital information about what happened that’s not captured on video and that completely changes this case. Until then, we ask the community to reserve judgment and pray for those who are suffering.” Flach’s attorney, Edward Sapone to Newsday

Gang involvement or not, when teens (or anyone) stand around watching while a person is stabbed to death, it’s unconscionable. Maybe they think that it’s all a movie, or a video game. But real people die every day, and it’s sometimes up to bystanders to stop the carnage. There are heros, there are rubberneckers, and video makers. Which one will you be?

Featured photo:  Screenshot via Newsweek (Blue Lives Matter)


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  • Taly

    NightmAre! What’s happening to our youth. Evil and killing. RIP young mAn. God pray for youth that stood there and video tape someone in terror and being jumped by 7 people! Have mercy ! What’s wrong with you people? Accomplice to murder allowing this shit to happen. This family needs justice! I hope the legal system does right thing since if it was my family I would give you hell.

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