Obama’s Parting Shots – Giant Middle finger to Trump

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Obama’s parting shots – doing his level best to leave a huge mess for Donald Trump to deal with the moment he gets into office. Some of it he will be able to fix, some of it will take time and extreme effort, if he can undo them at all. Making sure the US doesn’t track Muslims, basically giving a giant middle finger to the next President with major environmental regulations and changes…it’s leaving him with a real live swamp.

Sabotaging the New President

Obama scrapped NSEERS, the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System. The registration system was created by President Bush to screen people coming into the United States from countries where al-Qaeda was present.

CNS News explained the program:

“Under NSEERS, male foreign visitors over the age of 16, either arriving or staying in the U.S. from certain designated countries (most of them Muslim-majority countries) were required to register at immigration offices upon arrival in the United States.

They were fingerprinted, photographed, and interviewed under oath, and they also were required to notify the Immigration and Naturalization Service within ten days of any changes in address, employment, or school while in the United States. The program also included exit controls, to help the immigration service remove aliens who overstayed their visas.” 

The program was suspended by Obama in 2011, (no kidding) and the move to kill it entirely was meant as a message to Donald Trump, who mentioned during the campaign that a national registry of Muslims might be helpful. The new rule goes into effect one day before he is inaugurated, making it extremely difficult for him to undo.

Destroying the coal industry and jobs with it

The coal industry has been at the forefront of Obama’s climate change agenda. He wanted to take them down entirely, and this latest move might just do it.

His Interior Department’s Office of Surface Mining just issued new regulations that place about 2/3 of their coal reserves OFF LIMITS to mining. The rule is designed to “prevent or minimize impacts to surface water and groundwater from coal mining.” It also requires mining companies to test water quality “before, during, and after” operations.

It includes 6,000 miles of streams and 52,000 acres of forest… which just happen to be in the area of the industry’s coal reserves- Appalachia, the poorest area in the United States.

“The decision to promulgate this duplicative rule at this stage is post-election midnight regulation and therefore obstructionism at its worst. This is after the agency failed in its obligation to engage mining states in the rule’s development and ended up with a massive rule making that is a win for bureaucracy and extreme environmental groups, and a loss for everyday Americans.” Hal Quinn, National Mining Association President

Withdrawing areas once availble for offshore drilling

In another job killing move, Obama withdrew millions of acres of Atlantic and Arctic Oceans from oil and gas leasing. In the Atlantic, it amounts to adding an additional 3.8 Million acres of ocean from the north to mid Atlantic. The Arctic oceans now have 125 million additional acres added to off limits drilling. The new areas include some deep canyons where fragile Marine life exists.

Environmentalists have applauded the move.

All in all, Obama is leaving a huge mess for Donald Trump to try and fix.

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