Obama Threatens Veto – VA wouldn’t be attractive if they could be fired

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In the most ridiculous tantrum yet from the White House, Obama has threatened to veto a  VA reform bill. Why you ask? Because the reform bill wants to be able to fire workers at the VA, and the President doesn’t think that’s a good idea.

threatens veto

“To care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan.”

Obama threatens veto

“It would make conditions of employment in VA significantly less attractive than in other federal agencies or in the private sector, and as a result, would discourage outstanding VA employees from remaining in VA and dramatically impair VA’s ability to recruit top talent, including veterans.” White House statement

Too EASY to fire someone?

So think about this- in the private sector, people are fired every day for poor work performance. But the President wants VA workers NOT to be fired for being inept. The White House even went so far as to call the idea a violation of worker’s rights and  “unconstitutional.”

He hasn’t cared one bit for the Constitution since he took office. The White House stated that the GOP bill would make it “too easy” to fire VA workers.

The Military Times wrote,

But Republicans in both chambers have called the bill a necessary tool to help clean up the VA workforce, which has seen no significant increase in firings in the wake of several scandals involving record manipulation, budgeting errors and patient wait time increases.

The measure would shorten the appeals process time for fired or demoted employees and put strict limits on how long workers could be put on paid suspensions for infractions.

It also includes language that would allow VA officials to pull back some pension benefits of fired employees and authorizes the Government Accountability Office to study “the amount of time spent by VA employees carrying out labor organizing activities.”

Ignored WH threat

The House passed  the bill 256-170 on Wednesday in spite of the President’s threat of veto.  Now it goes to the Senate, which will not take up the reform legislation until after their August recess.

The VA has been part of scandal after scandal. They have left American veterans without proper and immediate healthcare for years. Even after a comprehensive reform bill was passed a year ago, the VA has failed to reprimand or respond to problems with employees who are not doing their jobs. It’s time to clean house at the VA.

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