Obama at Dallas: It’s Easier to Buy a Gun than a Book

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Obama at Dallas: It’s Easier to Buy a Gun than a Book

When Barack Obama stood before the grieving families and police officers in Dallas, he made certain that his political agenda was mentioned. Though he began his remarks with what sounded like sympathy, he quickly turned to racism and and the political agenda for gun control.


Screenshot via RT- Obama at Dallas Memorial


After a long treatise about racism, he came up with a lie that is perpetuated by liberals across the nation- that it’s easy to buy a gun. He added teenagers to the mix.

He did not specify that it might be ‘easy’ to buy a gun ON THE STREET. His agenda is extremely clear- to ratchet down gun control so far that few people will be able to purchase guns anywhere.

It’s AGAINST FEDERAL LAW for anyone under the age of 18 to purchase a handgun. And as far as computers go, pretty much every teenager is hooked up to one, whether it’s a smartphone, an iPad, or a laptop.


“Just as we should hear the students and co-workers describe their affection for Philando Castile as a gentle soul. Mr. Rogers with dreadlocks, they called him. And know that his life mattered to a whole lot of people of all races, of all ages, and that we have to do what we can without putting officers’ lives at risk, but do better to prevent another life like his from being lost.” Barack Obama

Many parts of the narratives of the shootings of Castile and Sterling have been put into question upon closer examination. But the investigations are not complete, and the protests are premature.

The constant accusations against police officers are unwarranted. Prevention of such incidents lies with the people themselves. How do you respond when an officer tells you not to do something? When there is no respect, there is no compliance.

“Hugging” people

Lastly, Obama says he’s hugged too many people who have lost loved ones. Let me say this: He has stood with the wrong side on 90% of the funerals and memorials that he has attended over the last 7 years.

He ignored the deaths of military members, from Generals to the heroes of our military.  He ignored the deaths of other police officers, no matter how high profile they were. The only reason he went to this service was because five killed at once made a lot of news. He has stood with BlackLivesMatter against police all along.

Obviously it is difficult for people to understand the other side of any issue. But using the funeral of police officers to advance his personal political agenda is despicable. The moment wasn’t about politics, it was about grief. IT was about this grief:


Screenshot from a family friend who took the picture at the Dallas Memorial Service- The daughter of Sgt Michael Smith places a black bracelet on the wrist of the daughter of Patrick Zamarippa. Both girls now without their fathers.


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