Obama Calls Troops to the Border a “Stunt”- Apparently Didn’t Get Mattis’ Response from two Days Prior.

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The Democrat narrative about the border crisis is that sending troops to the border is a “stunt” aimed at “scaring people.” Obama on Friday accused Republicans by saying:”They’re telling you the existential threat to America is a bunch of poor refugees a thousand miles away.”

Secretary of Defense James Mattis was asked by a reporter on Wednesday if the troop deployment was a “stunt.” He responded in a matter of fact manner with remarks about being there to support Homeland Security because they asked the Pentagon to do so. He finished with this:

“We don’t do stunts in this department, thank you.” James Mattis

Somehow, Barack Obama didn’t get the memo.

They’re not “poor refugees.” If they were “refugees,” they would have accepted Mexico’s offer of Asylum. They did not. (Only a few of them did, by the way). They are job seekers.

First of all, DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen stated that there are nearly 300 criminals within the caravan that they know of – just the ones they know about. That’s definite cause for concern.

Secondly, the left has been funding this little adventure, completely oblivious to the danger in which they’ve placed these people. They’ve deliberately exposed children to the dangers of the journey just to spite President Trump. That should get them a prison sentence, frankly.

On Fox, Dan Bongino, former Secret Service agent, lambasted Obama for the remark, calling it “political malpractice.”

“For them to have the gall to suggest that this is somehow a political stunt … is just an act of political malpractice like I’ve never seen.” Dan Bongino

Obama and his cronies on the left are deliberately twisting the facts. They are desperate to regain and keep power. Their plan is to lie, cheat, steal, twist, and play political games in order to manipulate Americans. They are the ones doing “stunts.”


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  • Richard Delmas

    The ex so called president and his followers need to move along. To have an opinion is their right! To cause political turmoil to the Republican side is disgusting and unethical. To create this kind of situation using these people is truely disgusting! Putting those people in harms way is wrong. If they do get to the border make sure they all have the new bright white tennis shoes you also provide

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